XPG Xenia 15 Gaming Laptop: Everything you need to know

Gaming laptops have become a trend nowadays. The market is getting flooded with gaming laptops leaving gamers in a dilemma which product to buy. Today we’ll see such a gaming laptop that will blow your mind. Today we’ll look into the new XPG Xenia 15 Laptop. To the people who are not familiar with XPG, XPG makes a lot of components for PCs. They make RAM, SSD, etc. The XPG Xenia 15 has 32 GB of memory, with a dedicated GPU and i7 processor and much more. Looks interesting? Continue reading to know more!

XPG Xenia 15 Gaming Laptop: Everything you need to know
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Opening the box we have a laptop quick start guide, some xpg stickers, and a little bag inside that comes with some other stickers. Interestingly enough they are Intel, Nvidia sticker, and Sound Blaster cinema stickers. So currently let us assume that there are no stickers on the laptop and it is clean. Lastly, we have our power cable and the power brick is fairly hefty, and last in the box is the laptop.


The xpg logo is pretty small on the left side as opposed to there being a big logo on the center. It’s a fairly basic sleek-looking laptop with a matte black finish up at the top. It is a little bit reflective where that xpg logo is. On the left side, there is some ventilation, USB type A slot, microphone, headphone jack. On the right side, there is an SD card slot and two more USB type A slots. There’s more there’s ventilation on the back but you also have a USB Type-C Thunderbolt port, HDMI slot, Ethernet port, and our charging port. Importantly, all in the back of the laptop.


XPG XENIA 15 has a one terabyte SSD along with the option of an RTX 27 T graphics card or a GTX 1660 TI graphics card. The model we are seeing is the 1660 Ti. On the front of the laptop, there’s an RGB strip so you can customize the lighting on the front. It’s kind of neat. It comes integrated with Windows Hello. There is no fingerprint scanner but you can set up the face unlock. XPG XENIA 15 has 32 GB of ram and i7 90750 H processor and then in the Nvidia control panel you do have that 16 60 TI. You can upgrade it to the RTX 2070 if you’d like.


The display on the xpg xenia is a 15.6 1080p IPS display. It does have a matte coating to it so there’s no glare and then you get 144Hertz refresh rate which is set on by default. I am going to download and install call of duty war zone so we will really push this to the limit in just a second but in the meantime let’s go ahead and check out the XPG Prime software.

It is used to control the keyboard lighting and some different things like you can even monitor your system within system monitoring. You can detect your fan speeds, your battery life, storage temperatures, network speeds, and different things. There are also power settings where you can go ahead and choose performance or standard out of your fan. Option of battery saver is also available. The LED light bar is at the front that can customize and keyboard backlight settings. You could choose specific colors based on whatever key you want. Here, you can have different effects such as breathing, wave, rainbow, and there’s tons of different changes and easy switching with the keyboard backlighting LED bar.

XPG Xenia 15 Gaming Laptop: Everything you need to know
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With the display, you can choose a gaming mode video reading and you can completely customize it. You can change the speed of the effects if you want, it can go a little bit faster. There is even a reactive feature which will react based on what key you type in.


XPG Xenia 15 is an optical mechanical keyboard, so it does have a bit of travel to it and some sounds. On the back it has an Ethernet slot, which does have Wi-Fi 6 enabled on the inside.


The speakers are situated in the bottom, making a sound like a bummer. It would be great if they were situated on the side. Also, there is a quick swap button to change between battery modes whether you want performance balanced or battery saver. Placed right next to the power button. These are the features of the XPG Xenia 15. The gaming experience is nice on this laptop with different frame rates.

Was the XPG Xenia 15 impressive enough? What do you think of the laptop? Let us know in the comment section below.

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