Whatsapp testing for multi-device support and more

Whatsapp is working on multi-device support for a very long time. the company has now started testing that. The very famous application which we use very often is the one which releases new features now and then. Whatsapp usually releases new features for users almost every other week. And this time, WhatsApp is working on testing for multi-device support.

The instant messaging platform is not only working on multi-device support but on more nifty features as well. According to
WABetaInfo, Whatsapp has begun testing the long-awaited multi-device support feature. Apart from multi-device support WhatsApp
has also been testing features such as improved search, chat clearing, and more.

Whatsapp testing for multi-device support and many more features

The reports also say that the feature is being tested for both Android and iOS. You guys might be thinking how exactly multi-device
support feature will help out. This feature will make it easy for you to multi-task and switch from one device to another very easily. The
more interesting thing is, WhatsApp’s multi-device support feature will allow whatsapp users to log in to more than one device. So let’s
see how this feature is going to work out.

Further, the report also says that WhatsApp is testing the feature with up to four devices logged in simultaneously. This looks quite
amazing, if it worked out then this would obviously be a very important feature for tech journalists who review so many devices at
the same time. This feature will also work wonders for those who regularly switch from one device to another.

Whatapp’s multi-device support and more:-

  • According to the reports, WhatsApp will soon allow users to search chats by “date” int both individual chat as well as groups.
  • It will make it easy for users to search chats, images, videos, and other details that are shared on a particular date.
  • Some other features that WhatsApp has been testing are enhanced storage, usage, new clear chat feature, and support for share chat.
  • Whatapp’s multi-device support feature will be coming to both Android and iOS.
  • We all know that we are facing such a pandemic situation right now. And the new been spreading regarding that, it is necessary that it is apt and not fake.
  • So this messaging platform has launched several new features to combat that spread of fake news on the platform.
  • There have been chatbots introduced, in association with the government of India where limited forward messaging feature is allowed.

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