WeChat may soon roll out Dark mode for Android

The trend of Dark mode is expanding to all the apps. Be it an Andriod user or an iOS user, the majority of the people love the dark mode. The developers are also now trying to satisfy this wish of the user. The recent one to enter the dark mode list was Whatsapp. It was available on the beta versions of the app. But recently it came to the stable one also. It is available in both Andriod and iOS app. Messenger and Facebook for desktop are already in the list of dark mode apps. Following the trend, WeChat may soon roll out Dark mode for Andriod.

WeChat may soon roll out Dark mode for Android

March 22 saw the arrival of support of dark mode on the iOS app. The version is Version 7.0.12. The iOS users have said that the dark mode looks pretty well. It covers almost all areas, but there are few defects. It is expected that soon the dark mode may be released to the Andriod app as well. Developers say that the testing is done on grayscale, they may fully release it anytime soon. WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and payments app.

Why people want dark mode? The dark mode comes with various advantages. First, it is an energy saver. The app relatively drains less battery than on normal mode. Second, the strain on the eyes is less. It is very convenient for one to read the text in dark mode. Third, there is less flickering and blue light. Maybe this is the reason for people opting for dark mode. Nevertheless, it is good that the developers are thinking of the users and trying to bring dark mode in their app.

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