Upcoming PUBG Mobile update will bring a new library map

Recently pubg mobile celebrated their 2nd year anniversary with new amusement park joy rides and games in-game to celebrate. And very often pubg releases new game modes to bore gamers with the same maps and stuff. Soon launching the PUBG Mobile Library map will have new things to he excited.

With this new PUBG Mobile Library map, the players can use all the guns available in the game. The new Library map will also have cycles to collect the weapons faster. As we can already see in the Chinese version of Pubg Mobile the new beta version of the new indoor map according to Mr. Ghost gaming who is very popular to provide news about the upcoming updates and news in the pubg mobile.

Upcoming PUBG Mobile update will bring a new library map
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Mr. Ghost says the new PUBG Mobile Library map In order to fight each other. The game will let players cycle to collect all the ammunition in the game. Every weapon can be upgraded and used to kill the opponent team members. And as the levels start to rise the players are to fight the final rounds with shotguns and pistols and the last round would be melee Once the best weapons are used, players will be left to fight out the final rounds with the pistols and shotguns. The last round will be fought with the frying pan to let the remaining player win.

Given that the update is only available in the Chinese beta version of PUBG MOBILE, it could be a while before the global version of the Pubg Mobile gets the update. Will you play this mode let us know in the comments below.

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