Twitter rolls out Voice Tweets feature for audio messaging

Being a part of the social media site is very useful nowadays. Not only you get to see tweets of your favorite artist or series, but also it provides good entertainment. Moreover, sites like Twitter are a good source of news. Twitter has kept its interfaces simple and catchy. Now, sources say that Twitter is testing another feature, Twitter voice tweets. Twitter has rolled this feature for a few people on iOS. How to compose voice tweets? When will be this available? All the questions are answered below.

We all know you can post tweets on your Twitter timeline in the form of text, image, videos, and gifs. Twitter officially on its twitter handle announced this. They wrote, “You can tweet a tweet. But now you can tweet your voice!. Rolling out on iOS, now you can record and tweet with audio.”

Twitter rolls out Voice Tweets feature for audio messaging

Initially, it is released voice tweets for a few groups on iOS, but later it’ll be available to everyone on iOS, Android, and desktop. Not only you can see but now also listen to the tweets. You can also compose them!

Here are the steps to compose them:-

Composing a voice tweet isn’t difficult, it is as easy as tweeting a plain text.

  1. Open the Twitter app and click on the tweet composer.
  2. Look for a new voice icon, the tray of options consisting of photo, location, gallery.
  3. The voice icon can be identified as it looks similar to audio wavelengths.
  4. Next, you’ll see your profile photo. Click on the record button to record your voice note.
  5. Once done, it’ll be tweeted on your Home timeline.
  6. To listen, tap on the profile photo.

The most interesting thing about the voice tweets by twitter is that you can play the voice tweet on your twitter while scrolling down your timeline. The voice note will play in a new window, which will be docked on the bottom of your Twitter screen. Also, you could record voice tweets up to 140 seconds. If you further want to record you can record. But, it’ll be in the form of a thread. Nevertheless, this feature may also have disadvantages.

There may be the use of abusive words over the internet to spread hate using this feature. Probably, this may be the reason that Twitter has not allowed the option of replying back with a voice tweet. You can reply to a voice tweet with a normal tweet. We’ll have to wait and see what Twitter will bring further changes with the voice tweets.

What do you think about this feature? Do you like it? Let us know your view in the comment section below.

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