Twitter is rolling out a tweet scheduling feature to more users

Twitter is now reportedly rolling out a tweet, which is scheduling a feature to more users. It seems that Twitter might be pushing out its own scheduler more widely. Although there are some twitter users, they have started receiving a new Twitter tweet scheduling feature to schedule tweets directly from the platform.

Twitter tweet scheduling feature of twitter lets users schedule tweets from twitter itself. But for now, this feature is limited only to twitter’s desktop. Twitter has started rolling out the scheduling option to select users. Some users can pick a specific date and time for your post and also see all the tweets you have currently got scheduled.

Twitter is rolling out a tweet scheduling feature to more users

The fact to be known is that Twitter was testing this feature last year itself. But the tweet scheduling feature was never rolled out widely. But now we can see that there are more people who are getting the option.

The Dynamic Tweeter:-

Besides this feature, that is the tweeter tweet scheduling feature through various social media management tools. This is also available in TweetDeck-the power user web client that is actually owned and run by Twitter itself.

Although we haven’t heard anything regarding this from Twitter. So there are possibilities that this may be just an extension of the original test and may disappear as quickly as it arrived. Or it may suddenly become available for everyone at once. In recent days Twitter has also been busy experimenting with new ways to show threads.

It also said that this feature is not going to take too much of software engineering, it is like know-how to switch the scheduler over to the main Twitter clients. Looking at the amount of social media embarrassment and also about the network. But Twitter moves fast and there is no sign of an edit button.

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