Top 10 Best Dropbox alternatives 2020

Dropbox, even though the best cloud storage platform, it lacks some features as the absence of end-to-end encryption and the limited 2GB cloud storage in the free version. This service does not encrypt your files when you are uploading it to the cloud which leads to the high chances of risk factors. Hence we provided the list of 10 Best Dropbox alternatives which provides more security, privacy, features, and more storage space when compared to Dropbox.

Top 10 Best Dropbox alternatives 2020

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best Dropbox alternatives as it gives you access to 15 GB of cloud storage on a free account whereas Dropbox only gives you 2 GB on a free account and even the paid plans of Google Drive are more reasonable than that of Dropbox. And also with Google Drive, you also get access to various inbuilt Google’s productivity tools such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Hangouts, and many more. You can easily subscribe to Google’s GSuite which provides full access to all the best Google’s tools. However, starting at $10/month, besides getting the unlimited storage, you are also provided with a professional Google-powered email along with the access to all the analytical tools provided by Google.


Tresorit is the best Dropbox alternatives in terms of security. The company is highly confident about its security. Since it announced a USD 50,000 bounty for anyone who can breach its security. So, if you are more conscious about privacy wants to keep your files highly secured, then Tresorit is the best option for you and this also provides 1TB storage. Tresorit provides end-to-end encryption and also Zero-knowledge authentication. This comes with a 14-day free trial and after that, you can decide whether to choose the premium plans or not.


In the free version, this gives you access to 15 GB of storage and its pricing plans are also very great and allows you to choose the plan which suits you great and if you can get access to the whole Office suite at no additional cost if you upgrade to the paid plan.


pCloud’s paid subscription plans are very user friendly as they allow the user to choose not only the storage sizes but also the different features according to their requirements. In both the free and premium plans, it provides you with better security options making it the best Dropbox alternative. And if you want further more security, you can select the pCloud Crypto ($3.99/month), which will encrypt all your data with the key that is only available to you. pCloud is also very confident about its security since it has announced a bounty of USD 100,000 for anyone who can breach it. is also very much keen about security like pCloud and Tresorit. You can share the particular folder you want to collaborate on, giving the other members access to it. You can also grant different levels of permissions to different members such as giving the members editing rights or view rights only and you can also allow the members to invite the other people. The free version provides you with a 5 GB storage option and you can even select the bandwidth if you are connection is slow.


Box has integrated with several third-party service providers like Microsoft Office Suite, which in turn supports a large number of file types, that you can store, view, and even edit online along with your team. It focuses more on businesses and provides them with the best collaborative tools. It also features chat support such that you can chat with your teammates from right within the document on which you are working on. The free version provides you 10GB of storage.


The free version of Mega gives you a massive 50 GB of free storage and also supports end-to-end encryption which makes it one of the best Dropbox alternatives. You can directly share folders and collaborate with other people and you can also use the inbuilt chat functionality to chat within the app. It also features browser extensions that will give you quick access to all your files.


TeamDrive keeps your files more secured by using the state of the art 256-AES algorithm. It also comes with Zero-knowledge privacy along with encrypted link sharing and interestingly you can select your cloud hosting service here. The collaboration and sharing of files are the inbuilt features that allow multiple people to access and work on the same files. The free version provides you with 5 GB of storage.


This comes with only two plans- one is a free plan which gives you access to 5GB of storage and the other is the paid plan, which gives you unlimited storage. This service also delivers extra features like syncing and backing up of all your photos by Jottacloud Photos which will automatically sync each and every photo present on your device. And this service also focusses heavily on privacy.

SpiderOak One

This comes with high end-to-end encryption and Zero-knowledge service and since it focuses additionally on enterprise solutions, it is also priced on a higher side. But the sync time is a little bit slower as compared to other services. SpiderOak One focuses heavily on security and you can use the 21-day free trial which comes with huge 250GB storage space.

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