Snapchat launches Snap Spectacles 3: Everything you need to know

AR has been really a very fascinating topic to one and all. With the introduction of 3D films, AR has been grabbing a lot of people’s interest. There have been many AR glasses previously, but one was available in India. But, the Snap Spectacles 3 are available in India. What are the features of Snap Spectacles 3? What are the changes from previous iterations? Read to know more

The Snap Spectacles 3 come with cameras that will help to capture pictures and videos of what you are seeing. Snapchat has gained a lot of popularity in India. If the stats are to be believed Snapchat grew a lot in India last year. Snapchat is liked by many because of the amazing filters it provides to the user. Maybe that’s why it thought of introducing Spectacle 2 and Spectacle 3 in India.

Snap Spectacles 3 AR glasses are not the first of its kind. Goggle built one and slipped. Amazon is also said to have one, whereas Apple is currently working on one. The specialty of Snap Spectacles is not voice assistant or anything else. They are only cameras to capture things. Google’s glasses are awesome, but ever tried Snap Spectacles? The Snap Spectacles have a special power to capture anything you just see. I mean like just merely seeing.

Snapchat launches Snap Spectacles 3: Everything you need to know
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You need not remove your phone from your pockets or your bag or just not repent of not having your phone to capture that very moment. Snap Spectacles 3 helps you to capture photos instantly without holding your camera upright. Snap introduced the Snap Spectacles 2, but it went unnoticed. So now they are back with Snap Spectacles 3 and simultaneously, Snap Spectacles 2 and Snap Spectacles 3 in India. The advantage of Spectacles 3 is capturing photos or recording videos without a phone in your hand.

Snap Spectacles 3 basically resembles the GoPro where you record the videos, the only difference is that you can click pictures using this device as well. Using the device you’ll be able to browse more of the AR content by Snapchat. Thus, helping you to create a lot of good stuff using Snapchat. While using the device you’ll always be the center of attention to everyone.


Snap Spectacles 3 is a bit different from Snap Spectacles 2 in terms of design. The Snap Spectacles 3 features a LED light around the camera in the spectacles. This LED blinks to inform you that the camera is currently recording something. And it’ll blink the entire time. It’ll not be ideal to wear such devices in public places. The spectacles feature 2 cameras on each end. It looks like normal sunglasses. The frame is a bit heavy. It also has an adjustable nose pad for comfort. They cannot be called the spy spectacles because the camera is easily visible to everyone and you can’t simply spy using this device.

The metal frame and the LED ring gives a premium look. There is a button along with the camera, pressing it will record a 10-second video clip. Pressing it will capture a photograph. There is no option to stop the video before 10 secs. Tapping the button continuously will help you record a 60-sec video. It also has 4 microphones to record audio along with the video.


The cameras let you capture and create the AR content. These snaps are termed as AR Snaps. The second camera helps you to take the offset image, in turn creating a 3D image. However, a 3D picture can be processed only when the images are transferred to the Snapchat app. Comparing to its predecessors, this device will have a higher resolution. Photos will be captured at 1642×16242 pixels, and videos will be shot at 60 fps. The cameras are wide-angle and will capture images quite vividly.

Snapchat launches Snap Spectacles 3: Everything you need to know
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It’s easy to pair the device with your phone via Bluetooth 5.0. This device can also record videos and capture photos and for other things, you’ll need the app. The photos and videos transfer wirelessly. But, it’s a bit tedious process. You can apply various AR filters and share them across Snapchat and other apps.


The Snap Spectacles 3 comes with a USB type C charging port, cable, and a charging case. The charging case also carries a premium look. The charging case is very spacious and it becomes flat when folded or not in use. Around 60 videos and 190 photos can be captured on a single charge.

Price and variants:-

There are 2 color variants-black and gold. The Snap Spectacles 3 is priced at Rs.30,000/-. For normal use, this is not a worth try type thing. But if you are an influencer or looking to create rich content then you get a thumbs up to use this. Initially, people will not accept it, but again Snapchat is confident that Snap Spectacles 3 will make a difference. And maybe in the near future AR glasses may be very common to use.

What are your views about Snap Spectacles 3? Did you like it? What features you want if there is a successor of Snap Spectacles 3. Will you buy it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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