Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Everything you need to know

The Samsung galaxy fold is one of the first generation folding phones that came out this year. While Samsung Galaxy Fold has impressive specs, it was a downer for most. Here is a full review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold to help you come to a conclusion about whether this phone is for you The main feature of Samsung Galaxy Fold is the folding feature that allows the phone to have two displays. You can use it as a conventional smartphone or a big-screen tablet at the user’s discretion. The specs of Samsung Galaxy Fold include the Snapdragon 855 processor, 12GB of RAM, the smaller 4.6-inch display and the larger 7.30-inch primary display, 10MP front camera, 16+12+2MP rear triple camera, 512GB storage, and 4380 mAh battery.


While all this seems impressive, the phone itself is a tough thing to understand. The primary display is plastic, obviously glass can’t be bent is the reason for the change of material. The display also has a notch in the top right corner with the sensors.


The display is 7.3 inches OLED Display with a resolution of 1536×2152. The secondary display is 4.6 inches with 840×1960 resolution with big bezels. It has stereo speakers that are loud and clear. The big bezels make look the phone display smaller than usual. You could say it is around a 3.6-inch display.

How bad is crease?

There is a crease in the middle of the phone due to the bending plastic, but it is not immediately visible. You’d have to view it at certain angles or in bright light or when you run your finger over the center of the phone while gaming or browsing through the phone. The folding hinge is rated to last and it tested for about 200,000 times opening and closing by a robot. The only thing to worry about is dust getting into the phone via the hinge. The hinge has the Samsung logo on it. This phone is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10. The speakers of the Samsung Galaxy Fold are better than Samsung Galaxy S10. Other features that set it apart are continuity and multi-tasking.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Everything you need to know

Continuity basically means you can pick up where you left off whenever your switching between displays. Apps will change the aspect ratio to the current display. This feature is quite fast. It transfers apps perfectly. Some apps reset timeline-like YouTube and Spotify. However, some apps are not supported and require a restart via a dedicated button on the bottom right corner of the screen. This phone really defines having two phones in one. With multitasking, you can use three apps side by side and up to 8 apps that are opened in small floating windows. The 12GB RAM onboard will make sure that the Galaxy Fold doesn’t choke when you use multiple apps simultaneously.

Does this Samsung phone has Bixby?

The Bixby button is placed under the fingerprint reader and many users complained about accidentally triggering it way too many times. So the Bixby of Samsung Galaxy Fold is annoying. When you close the phone, that is move from the tablet mode to small phone mode (big screen to small screen) the phone goes to sleep and in sleep, it displays, the time date and if there are new notifications. You could change them anytime in the settings.


The battery on this phone is fantastic with 4380 mAh battery it will last you a day of heavy usage. Therefore it’ll work quite great.

Other apps like Google Maps is quite weird to use. Either it’s too small or too wide. The Samsung Galaxy Fold sells for Rs. 1,64,999 in India.

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Fold user? Let us know in the comment section below what are other dope features of the phone.

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