Samsung announces AKG N400 with Interesting Features

Finally, the highly anticipated Samsung AKG N400 is here. With the hordes of us working from home, noise-canceling headphones have become more important for now. So here Samsung is bringing you guys the true wireless earbuds. Where AKG N400 is packing the noise cancellation and waterproofing like amazing features. These are the features which were missing in the Galaxy Buds+.

The new Samsung AKG N400 costs 30% more than the Galaxy Buds+. But they are more affordable than the Airpods Pro.

Samsung announces AKG N400 with Interesting Features
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Samsung AKG N400 features:-

  • The Samsung N400 is a pair of true wireless earbuds.
  • The Samsung AKG N400 has 8.2mm drivers and comes with a selection of tips with the comply foam tips.
  • The charging speed of the device is quick and a 10-minute charge will enable you 1-hour playback. The case also supports wireless charging.
  • The buds on their own lasts 6 hours and adds 6 more hours to the playback time.
  • The noise cancellation feature also uses two mics per earbud and promises distortion-free sound.
  • The right bud skips tracks and answer calls with a tap and can change the volume with a swipe.
  • The level of noise cancellation can be controlled from the app that is Ambient Aware.
  • On tapping the left earbud turns on talkthru so that you can hear what’s going on around you.
  • The beamforming is used to pick up your voice clearly while blocking background noise during calls.
  • There is an additional feature as well, where you can use voice commands for digital assistants, Bixby, Siri, and Google Assistant are supported.
  • The Samsung AKG N400 also features IPX7 water resistance. The buds can also last up to 30 minutes under 1m of freshwater.
  • You can use these buds while you are swimming as well.


On Samsung’s Korean site the buds cost KRW 230,000 ($190). The new Samsung AKG N400 buds are coming in black, silver and Navy colors. The Navy color is a dual-tone paint job with a splash of gold.

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