Reliance Jio Wi-Fi Calling: Everything you need to know

Reliance Jio launched its new voice and video calls over Wi-Fi. Jio started off with Volte but now after initial testing for the past few months and now launched officially. With this feature user for supported devices can effortlessly talk and video call over Wi-Fi. Yes, you heard it right over Wi-Fi. The data at Jio says an average of Jio consumers uses over 900 minutes of voice calls per month. To provide a more enhanced experience for its consumers

Reliance Jio Wi-Fi Calling: Everything you need to know
Image Source:- TechCrunch

Jio launched its all-new Wi-Fi calling. As of now, the Jio Wi-Fi calling feature is available to flagship smartphones from tier 1 brands. Eventually, the Wi-Fi calling feature will be rolled out to all the devices which support HD voice calling now. There’s a dedicated page for the supported devices on Jio’s website. Some prominent names are the latest devices from brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus you can head over to the Jio website to find out whether your device supports WiFi calling.

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