Reliance Jio announces a new video Conferencing platform, JioMeet

Reliance is going to launch a new video conferencing app called JioMeet. These days we all are at home due to quarantine orders. It has become very essential for the ones who work from home. The JioMeet app is the video conferencing app that helps such people conduct meetings without any hassle.

This unique JioMeet app is a platform that has many features. It has an ability to work on any device and any operating system. It also has the ability to do complete collaboration. As per the reports it states that the JioMeet app will work on different platforms and will also be available on Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the third party plugin for Microsoft’s Outlook email service for enterprise customers.

Reliance Jio announces a new video Conferencing platform, JioMeet
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There are other apps like zoom which is used by everyone but the problem that users data in zoom is not very safe. The plug-in will be accessible by browsers such as chrome and firefox. The video conferencing will be available in HD in all the devices, here you can also log-in as a guest or you can use your email id. The listings of the new app were found in the Google Play Store and Apple app store right after Reliance Jio announced it.

With JioMeet, users can initiate a video conferencing with their friends, family, or even work calls. It is also said that the final version of the app will be having health features along with integration with education services like classrooms and more.

Although the Jio Meet app has not been officially announced. The beta versions of the apps were listed on the play store and Apple App Store.

Here is how to use the JioMeet app:-

  • First, download the JioMeet from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • When the app is open you will see the login page that asks email for access.
  • After hat sign-in with OTP on the bottom right corner, just below the login button.
  • Enter your mobile number to get a verification code and enter the OTP to login.
  • Once you are logged in you can make audio and video calls and you can also initiate a group video call by adding you in JioMeet contacts to a group.

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