Qualcomm to launch its own gaming phone at the end of this year

It is rumored that Qualcomm is planning to launch its own gaming phone at the end of this year. And it is also believed that Qualcomm is working with Asus in order to develop this rumored gaming phone. The company may reveal some information about this smartphone at its upcoming event on 1st December along with the unveiling of Snapdragon 875 SoC.

Qualcomm to launch its own gaming phone at the end of this year
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As per several reports, Qualcomm will team up with Asus to launch this gaming phone at the end of 2020. Hence this new smartphone will come with the company’s own branding. It is rumored that Asus will take care of the major elements of this smartphone. Even though this chipset manufacturer already makes reference designs to test its latest chipsets. Since Asus is involved in this project, there are many likely chances that this rumored smartphone may also have the Republic of Gamers branding. Along with the main branding.

Expected specifications about this smartphone:-

However, this new smartphone will definitely have a high refreshing rate display. Moreover, it will be powered with the latest Snapdragon SoC and may also pack a larger battery and probably comes with shoulder buttons. However, it is believed that this smartphone might be powered with Snapdragon 875 SoC. Which is expected to be released on the digital Tech Summit of this chipset company. This event is scheduled to be on 1st December and the company officially stated that it will reveal the “latest and greatest Snapdragon news” in this event. Several reports indicate that this new Snapdragon 875 processor will be based on the new 5nm architecture core. It is probably to be the fastest and the company’s most powerful processor up to date.

However, since there is no much more information available about this smartphone, await must be continued until the reveal of the further official information by the company.

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