PUBG teases its new Paramo map to be coming in Season 9

The eighth season of PUBG is coming to an end very soon hence Season 9 will be officially introduced on both PC and consoles this month. This new season PUBG is bringing a brand new map called the Paramo map.

PUBG teases its new Paramo map to be coming in Season 9
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The release date for this Season 9 on PC is set for 21st October. Whereas for PlayStation and Xbox players, this is set for 29th October. And the company teased a little about the new map showcasing the fog-covered highlands and volcanic landscape. However, PUBG will also bring many new things along with the Paramo map. Such as weapons, vehicles in this new season similar to the previous seasons but the official information is not yet revealed so far.

The story behind this new map:-

Recently a series of crates were shipped out by PUBG with pieces of a stone tablet and letters. Referencing the Paramo map and PlayerIGN tweeted images of one of the crates. In this crate, there is a wax-sealed letter which refers to a dig in a location called Paramo. Which is normally used to refer to a mountainous tropical region, generally in South America. That is where the map is set – in the Andes mountains of Peru. The letter also mentions that the researchers have smashed a stone tablet into nine pieces for secret delivery. The stone shard inside this crate has long lines of a mysterious language written across it, which the community is now working to decode it.

Moreover, the PUBG lore website has been launched ( which provides more information about the Paramo map. It’s areas, also along with the introduction to dogged archaeologists and an occultist Burton Northrop via a ’90s-style documentary program called Mysteries Unknown. So, you can sign up for the mailing list on this website to find out more information.

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