PUBG Mobile Season 10: Arriving Soon

PUBG mobile season 10 is arriving on November 9. This new season coming on November 9 is bringing you a new feature and in-game items. As you progress through the season, you will be coming through a lot of Mad Max inspired in-game rewards. This new upcoming season is going to themed as ‘Fury of the wasteland’. The new season will be bumping up the game version 0.15.5. The costing is, as usual, that is Elite Plus will be costing you 6000UC while the Elite plus will cost you 1800UC, you will also be getting a season 10 parachute skin, costume along with a skin for the M249 with a bunch of new emotes, avatar frames, a new wasteland inspired M416 skin in the gun lab and a similarly themed pan skin.

PUBG mobile season 10 is coming up with a variety of costumes, some of them will match with a previously leaked video which included a bunch of headgear. Some of them include the Apocalypse guardian set, desert trooper set, snowflake girl set, irradiated frog set and much more. It looks quite impressive once the season rolls out.

PUBG Mobile Season 10: Arriving Soon

The other sources regarding PUBG season 10 suggests that it will be adding a new gun to the artillery. The MP5K submachine gun will finally makes its way to the game. It takes a 9mm ammo and supports all attachments including sight, muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and stock. This new season will also include a brand new vehicle called the Zima. It’s a hatchback-style car with a carrier on top and by the looks of it. This new vehicle will be exclusively available on the snow-covered map of vikendi. The other features which include are a new quick chat voice model called Sara, a bunch of new funny looking emotes and some avatar.

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