PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update rolls Out: All you need to know

Here is something which PUBG fans got to know. The PUBG mobile 0.16.5 update has started rolling out for users globally. Which is bringing out Royale pass season 11 domination mode.

We have got a new update over here on the PUBG mobile. You guys will get to know regarding this new update as you go through this article.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update rolls Out: All you need to know

The PUBG mobile is bringing to you guys the most awaited Royale Pass Season 11. With a new domination mode and a new Arena map “Town”. Here are the things you guys need to know which are included in the latest update. On the Android phones, the update is sized 0.14GB and on 0.17GB on iOS. The latest update is featuring a new futuristic cyberpunk like theme. Also here is a very interesting thing for users, the users will be able to unlock it and take part in new missions as well. Once the content is dropped. The PUBG mobile has also announced that there will be no downtime for this new update. For royale pass season 11 it will be called “operation tomorrow” and will be got live on January 10.

Domination mode:-

The PUBG mobile 0.16.5 update is also bringing a new domination mode. It is similar to the Call of Duty: Mobile. Here players will be assigned to blue or red teams of 4 which will be available in a new Arena map “Town”. The winner here will be the team that manages to capture the two bases first out of three. Firearm balancing is also one of those features which are included in the update. Here Groza’s single-shot damage is lowered from 48 to 45 in the team arena.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update rolls Out: All you need to know

Light snowmobile:-

Light snowmobile, where in classic mode players can now enjoy the new vehicle exclusively in the Vikendi map. It is the vehicle that is perfect for a ride with two people. This new vehicle is faster and moves more efficiently than the original Snowmobile. But at the same, it gets more easily damaged.

With this new season, the PUBG mobile is coming up with the season Recap page which will be coming soon for the players to view their statistics and highlights from the previous season. Royale passes improvements which are the one where new multi-option missions in Team Arena, payload mode and more offer new rewards. Mission guides and displays have also been improved. The lobby mission guide system now supports RP missions, weekly missions can also be grouped together and displayed by type to make it easier to track the mission progress. It has also improved the rank reward display. preview will be shown the item equipped on a character and some items will be shown while zoomed in. There are other additional updates as well in security features, download status buttons and etc.

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