Mozilla Firefox Preview 4.0 rolls out: Everything you need to know

Mozilla has been the go-to a web browser for many users after chrome and in some features, firefox is better than chrome. In recent times, Mozilla has been working on a brand-new version of Firefox for Android. Finally the pre-release Mozilla Firefox Preview 4.0 software ready for the stable launch.

Mozilla Firefox Preview 4.0 rolls out: Everything you need to know
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The latest version of Mozilla Firefox Preview 4.0 adds new features such as

  1. Top sites
  2. Mozilla’s password manager
  3. An in-app language switcher.

The Topsites are situated right below the Firefox Preview logo at the top of a new tab. You can add new available favorite features to the section via the three-dot menu and The password manager is new and does it’s a job perfectly it really comes handy when you sync it with your Firefox account to sync your logins across other personal devices. One bummer is You can’t use this feature to autofill credentials in other apps sadly.


In addition to these features, Some bugs from previous versions have also been fixed. Bugs like Recurring undo notifications have been fixed and won’t appear blatantly and bypassing certificate errors are also fixed.

Do try the new Mozilla Firefox and let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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