Motorola One Fusion Plus Indian variant to be launched soon

The Fusion+ has already been revealed globally and now the Motorola has confirmed that it is bringing the Fusion+ to India. Motorola has confirmed in its latest teaser on Flipkart that the upcoming Motorola One Fusion plus is going to come up for launch. The Fusion+ is going to be Motorola’s main offering in the Rs 20,000 segment this year.

Motorola is going to make the Indian variant which is different from one major upgrade. Here in the One Fusion+ for India, they are going to use a different chipset when compared to the global model. The Motorola One Fusion plus is going to launch on June 16 and will be available for sale via Flipkart.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Indian variant to be launched soon
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Motorola One Fusion Plus Specifications:

  • The Motorola One Fusion Plus Indian is going to have the more powerful Snapdragon 730G chipset which is currently the most capable 4G midrange chipset phone.
  • For gamers, the 730G is the preferred choice in the midrange segment.
  • The Motorola One Fusion+ Indian has a 6.5-inch display that supports HDR10 colors.
  • The camera setup is going to offer 64MP sensor that uses Motorola’s Quad-Pixel technology for better low-light photos.
  • Coming to the battery it has got 5000mAh battery and 15W fast charging.
  • The phone will come in two color variants, those are blue and white. The white variant is going to have its bezels finished in white which is rare.
  • The Motorola One Fusion Plus Indian has also got the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which suggests that the phone will end up with an LCD display.
  • The phone could also launch with Android 10 on board which belongs to Android One Program.
  • It is still to be seen what pricing strategy does Motorola goes for in India with the Fusion+.
  • One Fusion+ runs on stock Android and Motorola usually avoids putting bloatware on its phone.

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