Microsoft working on a web version to bring xCloud on iOS

One of the tech-giants, Microsoft is working on a “direct browser-based solution” to bring xCloud to iOS in the early next year. As per the reports, the company has been developing a web version of xCloud to run on iOS and iPadOS devices. Besides keeping on its work on an app that it hopes will also eventually run on Apple’s platform

Microsoft working on a web version to bring xCloud on iOS
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Phil Spencer, the gaming chief of Microsoft, revealed the company’s work on the browser-based xCloud to run on iOS. During the recent internal all-hands meeting. He said that they will absolutely end up on iOS and also feels good about their work’s progress. He further added that they will end up on iPhones and iPads with the Game Pass.

However, Apple has been blocking the services like Microsoft’s xCloud and Stadia from running on iOS devices via its App Store. Recently proposed an olive branch to these services with some big restrictions. And further Apple insisted that the developers must singly submit their games as separate apps. Using their streaming tech such that Microsoft and Google can create a catalog-style app that collects and links out to all of these individual apps.

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But Microsoft hasn’t impressed by Apple’s approach, and xCloud’s potential launch on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads has remained in limbo as a result. Hence we can understand that Microsoft is targeting an early 2021 release for a web-based version of xCloud for iOS devices. This browser version would bypass the App Store similar to the same fashion how Amazon was doing with its new Luna game streaming service.

Spencer also described PC as a “great opportunity” for both Game Pass and game streaming. Hence the company is now aiming to bring this service to Windows 10 PCs in 2021. The company also has been testing a preview version with employees for months and may launch it in the early next year.

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