Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Features and more

Listening to music is a pastime for most of us. We always look for that one headphone that is comfortable and have good sound quality. But often we limit our search because of the budget. If it has good sound quality it’ll be out of budget, or vice-versa. Everyone knows about Surface Headphones 1. It wasn’t much appreciated because it was costly and didn’t have good quality as well. Now Microsoft has come up with Surface Headphones 2. What’s in the store with this headphone? Is it worth buying? Also, there is a very unique and fabulous feature of the headphone, read to know more.


The Surface Headphones come in Matte Black, making it look attractive. Surface Headphones 2 have the same pretty design, circular ear cups, and super soft material, which is comfortable to wear for a longer time.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Features and more
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Changes from the previous iteration:-

There are minor updates from the first surface headphones. But, the biggest new change is the price. The Surface Headphones 2 are available at 250$. Surface Headphones 1 was for 350$. Comparing Sony XM3’s Cedar and Surface 2 Headphones: The first question after reading this, Why comparison between them? The answer is quite simple. It’s because Sony is highly recommended due to features like noise cancellation, wireless headphones. Also, they fall under the same product category that is wireless


It has a USB Type C port, giving the option of fast charging. Jack is available to the plugin so that you use it as wired headphones also. Microphone mute button is also available. This button is convenient to use during phone calls when muting is necessary. Cortona is inbuilt in these headphones as on Surface Headphones 1. Moreover, now it is improved. The voice is much
better, smoother and natural. Whenever you on the headphones, Cortona tells how many hours of battery life is remaining which is awesome!

It has multiple device support where Sony lags. You could use the headphones on both your phone and laptop simultaneously and switching is easier and seamless. If you are connected to both the laptop and phone. You are listening to something on the laptop and you get a call, the headphones directly switch to the phone audio. So, you could talk without needing to switch between devices. So the multiple device support is a boon over here. Battery life is bucked up. It gives almost 20 hours of battery life. Whereas, Sony gives 30 hours of battery life. Sony also has a Type C port.

Special Feature:-

Control rings are there on the ear cups. What’s the use of control rings? The right control ring has 15 levels of volume control and 13 levels of anc/ambient on left control ring. Thus, giving you are a wide range of changing sound quality. Also, other features include tap to play/pause
on big circle, swipe back-forth to change the song.

Sound quality:-

Same as Surface headphone 1, Equalizer is available on the surface app. We can dial in the headphones, change it, and preset. Generally, it has a nice sound.

Comparing with Sony:-

All features are awesome of Surface headphone 2. But the sound quality is better in Sony. The noise cancellation is still better in Sony headphones. Surface Headphones are louder though. If the Sony headphones are at 100% then Surface can give the same punch at 2/3rd of the volume. But Sony is still better in terms of base, noise cancellation and they sound better, clear and precise.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to tell that currently, Sony is the active noise cancellation king. And if you are a person who loves the sound and doesn’t bother about features, Sony is what you need. But, if you look into features and sound quality Surface Headphones 2 is a must go!. What do you think is better? Sony or SUrface? What would you prefer? Let us know all these
Answers in the comments section below.

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