Microsoft Surface Duo complete Review

Microsoft Surface Duo desires to be something unique from any other gadget you’ve used. It could be misunderstood as a phone or a small tablet but it is more than these. Let’s have a review about this Microsoft Surface Duo.


Coming to the design review, this Microsoft Surface Duo is extraordinarily designed giving maximum preference for making the device thin. It has a thickness of 4.8mm when open and 9.9mm when closed. It’s also fairly light for a device with two screens and two batteries, at 250 grams. The hinge is excellently designed and rotates to a full of 360 degrees. It has glass on the front and back as well as both fronts and both backs. We can find the volume buttons, power button, and fingerprint sensor, USB-C port but no headphone jack, and only one single speaker is provided.

Microsoft Surface Duo complete Review
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Coming to the display review, this Microsoft Surface Duo has dual 5.6 inch OLED screens. They are readable in bright light, pixel-dense, and have good viewing angles. If you have a Surface Pen, it will work on this screen for sure. These screens are also actually a bit wider than any recent smartphone. Each screen is designed with a 4:3 aspect ratio, which makes it a device that you can’t use with one hand(even when folded in half).


Coming to the software review, in this Microsoft Surface Duo, you can run two apps simultaneously on these two screens. This brings an entirely unique experience to the user. As the user may be habituated to the split-screen rather than this in their smartphones. Many bugs came up with the original version in this device but the company has launched a new update that solved many bugs. But some of the bugs still persist which can be seen still in the camera app making it lag.


Coming to the camera quality review, this Microsoft Surface Duo camera is complete trash. Only an 11MP camera is only provided in order to decrease the thickness of this device. This camera can work as a webcam for the video calls or Zoom meetings when you fold this device and placing it before you.


When we come across this device specifications, this device comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor paired with 6GB RAM in order to provide minimum thickness. The battery life is great and provides an excellent standby even with a 3577mAh battery. Several things have been given up at the altar of thinness which includes NFC, 5G, wireless charging, a bigger battery, expandable storage, and perhaps more modern specs like a faster processor and more RAM.


Coming to the price, this Microsoft Surface Duo has compromised many features only for the sake of thinness but even it costs about $1,400. This was probably not the best price option for this device. You can even prefer Samsung Note 20 Ultra rather than this which also performs split-screen, comes with a stylus, has a good camera, and runs all of those Microsoft apps just fine.

However, the company came up with a wonderful idea but not at all successful in great extents with such a huge price and with many compromised specifications.

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