Mi gaming laptop: Specifications, Reviews and more

Xiaomi entered the global market as a smartphone manufacturer, but then soon made almost every other electronic products. From phones to smart TV’s to gaming laptops, they did it all. Xiaomi is known to give you top specs in their products for a lower price than mainstream big brands. Today we will be looking at the Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop 2019.

The Design:-

Opening up the box, the laptop doesn’t immediately take you back with extreme gamer aesthetics. Instead, you get a sleek and elegant design, that to most people will give an impression of a regular laptop. But on the inside, it’s anything, unlike a normal computer.

Mi gaming laptop: Specifications, Reviews and more
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The Mi gaming laptop 2019 Is well built and gives a premium feel. The lack any gaming branding and such makes it look like a Mac. It has a metallic frame and lid. But the Bezels, bottom and the palm rest are made of plastic, but good quality plastic. All of that with a matte finish that makes it look pretty darn beautiful. The best part is that it doesn’t get apparent smudges, and even when it does, it can be cleaned easily with a cloth. One of its distinctive features is that there is not even the Mi logo on the centre of the lid; instead, it’s on the bottom bezel in the centre.

The Mi gaming laptop 2019 has a rigid body, and there’s minimal flexing of the display and keyboard. The keyboard itself is pretty unique as it doesn’t the traditional layout and has made some changes. There is no number pad, and it had a 4 zone lit RGB lighting. That really makes it look stunning, each zone has its own colour

The trackpad is made of glass and it large and precise. It also has windows gestures that make things easy, but there are no dedicated buttons. They could have added those, and it would have been good. The lid rests on the loading hinge, so it doesn’t open all the way. The reason for that is there is some additional I/O behind the Mi gaming laptop.

There is an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and a USB 3.1 gen1 port, and the charging port. The cool thing about the charging cable is that it has a white coloured LED band that lights up when you plug in to charge the laptop. On the bottom, there is a large grill to allow for ventilation. You can see the heat pipes and the cooling fans in the laptop, this is important because there is some pretty powerful hardware inside.


The Mi gaming laptop has got some pretty powerful hardware inside. Here are some of the specs and features

  • An Intel 9th gen core i7 9750h 6 core processor @2.6Ghz base clock speed and 4.5Ghz boost
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Nvidia RTX 2060ti 6Gb GDDR6 memory
  • 1TB PCIe NVME storage plus expandable M.2 SSD or 2.5 inches SATA SSD or a 2.5-inch hard drive
  • 1920×1080 resolution IPS display @144Hz

Now there are some amazing specs for a budget gaming laptop. Do note that these are mobile hardware and not as nearly as powerful as their desktop counterparts. But still, we are at a point in time where technology is getting more and more powerful. This is a fast laptop, all the hardware inside makes this a beast. You can play many of the latest AAA titles and get amazing frames. The 144Hz display makes gaming such an amazing experience on this laptop, the colours are good but not OLED level good. There is a decent amount of black levels and the screen is pretty bright. You can do Photoshop or light video editing but you shouldn’t expect this machine to edit Raw 4k or 8k footage as the thermals will cause a bottleneck and it will thermal throttle.

Mi gaming laptop: Specifications, Reviews and more
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Speaking of thermals, they were quite well and below 75 degrees Celsius while playing games, there is a dedicated button to increase the fan speeds to cool the CPU and GPU effectively, but do note that this causes significantly noise levels. It shouldn’t be a problem when you game with headphones on. The Mi gaming laptop 2019 comes with the powerful 9th gen core i7 9750h 6 core processor with a base clock speed of 2.6 GHz and 4.5 GHz boost clock speed on a single core. This is a fast processor. You can multitask with this laptop and do all kinds of stuff. 16GB of DDD4 ram is more than enough, as most games that are available recommend 16GB of Ram, and for the most part, games don’t necessarily need huge amounts of memory.

It’s the GPU that is important for gaming, so the Mi gaming laptop comes with the Nvidia RTX 2060ti which is the more affordable graphics card in their RTX lineup of GPUs. The Mi gaming laptop 2019 enables you to play games with ray tracing and DLSS graphics settings to significantly improve your game’s visual quality. It’s not as powerful as the RTX 2080ti but it still gives you that extra graphical quality.

Nowadays SSD is a must and basic necessity in a laptop or a desktop, so for that reason, the Mi gaming laptop 2019 comes with a 1TB NVME SSD, you can expand it either with an m.2 SSD or a 2.5-inch SATA SSD or a mechanical hard drive. Connectivity-wise, there’s ample USB ports in this laptop, 4 USB 3.1 Gen1 in total. Also, we get gigabit Ethernet, an sd card reader and an HDMI port behind the laptop. Although last year’s Mi laptop had a USB type c port, this one doesn’t, and it’s a bummer. Like most devices these days have USB type C ports. All in all, it’s an amazing machine. It’s fast, it’s beautiful and powerful, and the best part is that it is priced significantly lower than its competitors.

Here are the variants of the Mi gaming laptop and their respective prices.

  • Intel Core i5 9300H, 8GB, 512GB, GTX 1660ti is ¥6999
  • Intel Core i7 9750H 16GB, 512GB, GTX 1660TI is ¥8099
  • The Intel Core i7 9750H 16GB, 1TB PCIe NVME SSD, GTX 1660ti is ¥8499
  • Intel Core i7 9750H 16GB, 1TB PCIe NVME SSD, RTX 2060ti is ¥8999


The Mi gaming laptop 2019 is an excellent machine and is a bang for the buck deal and offers much more at its price range. We definitely recommend buying this laptop, but currently unavailable in India, as it’s only available in China.

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