KUU Kbook: The cheapest laptop with 8GB RAM

There have been laptops in the market which are quite amazing, the laptops have all the features we need. But if you want to get that to your home some of you might hesitate. What’s the problem? Well, the problem with some of us is the ‘Budget’. Yes, some of us can’t afford the costly laptops. But here in this article you will come to know the most affordable laptop with 8GB RAM. The KUU Kbook is brought to us once again by the Chinese retailer Gearbest.

The KUU Kbook from Lhmzniy is also coming with the Windows 10 Pro. And the most interesting part is, the 8GB RAM is the magic number as it is the minimum amount of memory Windows 10 will run on comfortably. The KUU Kbook laptop is a light and thin notebook computer specially designed for students and office workers. The laptop has got enough storage 8GB, which can meet most of the daily work needs and entertainment demands.

KUU Kbook: The cheapest laptop with 8GB RAM
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  • The KUU Kbook laptop comes with a powerful and efficient, Intel Celeron processor N3350 dual-core processor.
  • This processor can deliver up to 2.4GHz of speed with 14mm process technology and 5W ultra-low power design.
  • The 8GB RAM in the laptop which is used for the Advanced Multitasking substantial high-bandwidth RAM. This will offer you a high impact operating experience, ensures smooth operation, and stable multitasking.
  • The KUU Kbook has also got the built-in Intel HD Graphics 500 which ensures faster image processing.
  • The other storage options include 129GB/256GB SSD storage capacity which means you save all your important files and folders safely on your laptop.
  • The multiple choices ROM provides you room to store pictures, videos, music, game, and much more.

KUU Kbook features:-

  • The KUU Kbook laptop weighs only 1340 grams which is very lightweight for travel, business trip and anywhere you guys
  • The design of the laptop is like, it has a 14.1-inch HD IPS screen that captures every detail of vivid colors. This eventually reduces energy consumption by half compared to traditional displays.
  • This results in giving you an extraordinary viewing experience.
  • As earlier mentioned, the laptop runs on the latest OS of Microsoft, Windows 10 Pro.
  • This OS brings back the popular start menu from Windows 7 and is incredibly more user-friendly than any other OS.
  • The KUU kbook is equipped with 1 x USB3.0,2 x USB2.0,1 x micro HDMI, 1 x 3.5mm microphone jack with the 1 x TF card slot, and 1 x power connector.
  • To meet your daily needs, it has also got the 2 x 4000mAh/30.4Wh battery where you guys can watch videos, listen to songs, and handle work.
  • The laptop has got the front-facing camera of 0.3mp, for video chatting and taking photos.


So here is the important part, that is the price of the KUU Kbook. Although we have been saying that KUU Kbook is a cheap laptop. it’s hard to find such an 8GB RAM laptop at this price. Well, the laptop costs you $189.99 for the 8GB+128GB SSD by using coupon code: O4A70D05475B001 and the 8GB+256GB SSD at $225.99 by using coupon code:L4A70E0A64DEB000 in flash sale.

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