Instagram gets vanishing messages, selfie stickers, and more

Facebook has integrated its Messenger with Instagram’s Direct Messages to enable its users to have a unified messaging platform. Apart from enabling users to message people on a unified platform. The company has also brought up many features including vanishing messages, selfie stickers, chat colors, reactions, and many more to Instagram. So, now the company will enable users of both the platforms to reach each other via texts, calls, and video calls.

Instagram gets vanishing messages, selfie stickers, and more
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Vanishing messages and selfie stickers on Instagram:-

As said earlier, Instagram added vanishing messages and selfie sticker features to enhance the messaging experience. So getting in detail about the new vanishing messages feature on Instagram, the company has added the new ‘Vanishing Mode’, enables the users to send messages that disappear once they are seen or when the chat is closed and coming to the selfie stickers feature, it enables users to create a series of stickers from their selfies, which can be further used within the chats. And also, users can now also create custom emoji sets that can be accessed from a custom shortcut.

Watch Together and chat personalisation features:-

Hence, with this integration, Facebook has added a Watch Together feature. This enables the users to watch videos on IGTV, Facebook Watch, movies, and more with their contacts during a video call. Similarly, chat personalization features allow users to customize their chat windows with color gradients. And other add-ons which provide great messaging experience to the users.

Other features:-

The company now allows the users to forward messages to up to five users in order to curb the circulation of fake news. Users can now choose and reply to the specific messages just like in WhatsApp and Telegram. This provides a better flow of the conversation. And users can also use the animated send effects in the chat and can also control who can message them directly and who cannot.

However, with this integration, the company has brought many interesting features like vanishing messages, selfie stickers, chat colours etc to Instagram.

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