Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD review

Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD comes with a 14-inch 2160x1440px IPS LCD touchscreen. With a 3:2 aspect ratio and has an 8GB or 16GB of DDR4 2666MHz RAM and a 256GB or 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD. This laptop can be configured with a 6-core 12-thread AMD Ryzen 5 4600H or an 8-core 16-thread Ryzen 7 4800H processors.

Display and design review of Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD:-

This laptop comes with a 14-inch 2160x1440px IPS LCD touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Which is eight percent larger than a 14-inch 16:9 screen. This is just fifteen percent smaller than a 15.6-inch 16:9 screen. So this kind of long screen display is best suited for reading long documents, web browsing, and photo editing.  This laptop is having a 90% screen to body ratio and has 300 nits of brightness. A contrast ratio of 1500:1 from the IPS panel. Coming to the design, this laptop is available in a single Space Gray color. It’s mostly made out of aluminum which brings it a classy look. And the hinge is very stiff and sturdy. Which makes it easy for you to start tapping on the touchscreen display on this laptop with your fingers. It is light and thin and weighs just 1.49kg.

Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD review
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Keyboard and touchpad review of Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD:-

The keys provide more easy travel and are more stable. By default pressing the F1 and F2 keys will adjust the brightness of the screen. The 720p camera is hidden under a false button in the middle of the F row and the Fn button is lockable. Interestingly, the power button placed on the top right corner. It is also a fingerprint reader. It supports memory caching which means that when the laptop is off and if you press it, the laptop will boot up and then log you into Windows without the need of entering your fingerprint again. Coming to the touchpad it supports the multi-touch with support for Windows precision drivers and works well. The surface is plastic, instead of glass but works perfectly.

Performance review of Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD:-

Speaking about the performance of this laptop, this laptop shows excellent thermal performance. Which provides you a lot of processing power without causing any discomfort. Even though the built-in Vega GPU is not specially designed for gaming. But you can do some light gaming like Age of Empires Definitive Edition which ran just fine on the 2560x1440px resolution at 60fps. Similarly, Battlefield V at 1080p with textures on high and with everything else set to off or low gave about 45fps and a sub-par visual experience. And in the same fashion, Resident Evil 2 gave 44fps at 1080p with the settings set to low. However, the video editing is perfectly fine with this laptop and of course, also supports 4K.

I/O and Audio review:-

The I/O is satisfactory on the Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD. On the left side, there is a 3.5mm headphone and microphone combo jack, HDMI port, and a USB-C port that supports 65W charging. On the right side, there are a couple of full-sized USB-A ports with support for USB 3.2. Now, speaking about the audio, this laptop comes with a couple of speakers. Each rated at 2 watts, and these are placed on either side of the trackpad and fire downwards. They are pretty much loud and offer adequate bass. However, it is suggested to keep this laptop on a table or on a desk and play the sound for a better experience. Rather than keeping it on your lap as the audio may get lowered.


Coming to the battery, this laptop comes with a 56Wh battery and supports 65W charging. The laptop charged up to 60% charge in 1 hour and was fully charged in just 90 minutes. With the brightness set to 100%, The battery lasted for 5 hours and 20 minutes of constant YouTube video playback at the brightness set to 100% volume set to 60%.In a similar fashion, it lasted up to 6 hours and 10 minutes on constantly refreshing web pages with the brightness set to 100% percent. So with this long battery, you can do your tasks perfectly without the fear running out of charge in less time.


The Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD price starts at €849 for the 6-core Ryzen 5 4600H with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage configuration and prices €949 for the 16GB RAM and 512GB configuration. However, the top tier Ryzen 7 4800H paired with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD prices for €1,049. However, this laptop costs less even compared to laptops with closer specifications and this laptop also provides an excellent performance. It is highly suggested to prefer the middle variant that comes with Ryzen 5 4600H with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD internal storage as it has better memory and storage options and performance is excellent at this price range.

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