HP Envy 13 Review: Everything you need to know

HP always provides a good range of laptops. Be it for work or student, HP has a laptop that fits good for every situation. One such laptop is the HP Envy 13. What is known initially about the laptop is that it has a 13.3-inch 4K Display powered by the Intel i7 processor. The feather to the cap is that this laptop has a finishing of wood. What are the other features?

HP Envy 13 Review: Everything you need to know
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In the box:-

Opening the box, we get a quick guide on how to maintain a wood veneer. Since it has real wood. The accessories include the HP wall outlet and charger. The charger comes with a fast-charging feature. So basically it charges from 0-50 in 45 minutes. It also comes with some setup instructions. And the device HP Envy 13.


The HP Envy 13 is light in weight and has a sleek design. HP Envy is crafted with wood. Where all is the wood used Let us see. Upon opening the laptop and removing the cloth, we see that the trackpad is made with the wood. And in the right corner, HP says that intel i7, 10th gen processor. It has a fingerprint sensor. The hinge has a fit snug when you close it and is really sleek.

Let us look into the options given on the laptop. On the left side, we get a headphone jack, USB Type-A slot, USB Type C Slot with thunderbolt support. On the right side, we have the charging point, Another USB Type-A slot, and for expandable storage a micro SD card slot.

The downside of the laptop has some ventilation. There are two grips, one at the top and one at the bottom. And upon opening up the lid, it also has some grips. Grips ensure that the device doesn’t slide or slip down. HP also wrote “ENVY” on the downside of the lid, which appears when the lid is closed.

HP Envy 13 Review: Everything you need to know
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The laptop has quad speakers. These speakers are powered by Bang and Olufsenwhich gives a good hearing experience. Moreover, the device has a 4K display, both will complete each other to give a rich experience.

The trackpad is large enough to go through the 13.3-inch display. The trackpad doesn’t have a right-click. Since the trackpad is made of wood, it gives a good natural feeling. The trackpad also has resistance but upon more usage, it’ll be negligible.

The keyboard:-

The keyboard is fitted according to the 13.3-inch screen. It doesn’t come with an extra number pad. The keys are tight to press. But, HP has bought an amazing feature to the keyboard, it is a backlit keyboard and it is quite visible in dark light.


The laptop has intel tenth gen i7 10510U quad-core processor, boosting the performance. Multitasking is smooth on the laptop. The laptop has 512 GB SSD with Intel octane memory which gives speed+memory. To boost the 4K display it has Intel iris+Graphics. It has great viewing angles. It has minimum bezels on the left and right. On the top is the HP wide vision webcam. The webcam comes with a kill vision on the right side.

HP claims that the device’s battery life can give 9 hours of video playback or 10 hours of mix usage. Nevertheless, the battery charges fast so overall it’ll give a good experience to work on. What are your views on the HP Envy 13? Is the wood finish worth a try? Let us know in the comment section below.

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