Google’s biggest technological event Google I/O 2020 has been canceled

Google had recently said that amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus the Google I/O 2020 event is withheld for the time being. They had said that the event is physically called off, which likely means there will be a live stream of sorts. Pretty much like when Mark Cerny revealed details of the upcoming next-gen console the PS4 on a YouTube Livestream. Looking into the current scenario of the destruction caused by the virus. Google thought of canceling the physical event and making it online. But now the whole thing is called off.

The event was actually, scheduled to be held from May 12th to 14th. Basically, in I/O every year, the event tells about the new features coming to Android and other new Google products. Now it needs to be seen that what will be Google’s next move. Many tech conferences have been canceled, changed, or delayed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. How will Google tackle the situation? Will Google will still tell the updates of Google I/O 2020?

Google’s biggest technological event Google I/O 2020 has been canceled
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We need to wait and see to know the answers to all these questions. What are your views? Let us know in the comment section below.

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