Google rolls out Read Along app: India’s first app for kids to learn at home

During this pandemic situation where we all are quarantined at our homes. It has worried the parents whose kids are not able to go to school and learn. So here Google has come up with the learning app for kids that is the “Read Along app”. This app is an Android app designed for children over 5 years. The Read Along app helps the children to learn to read by giving verbal and visual feedback as they read stories out loud.

This app is helpful for kids which can make them learn better at home. Google has already announced early access for families to its app Read Along. Although this app was first launched in India as a Bolo app with an in-app reading buddy named Diya.

Google rolls out Read Along app: India’s first app for kids to learn at home
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Read Along early access helps kids learn independently and build their reading skills with the help of reading buddy Diya. After the release of the app, and getting positive feedback from the parents, Google is now sharing this app with more young learners around the globe.

Read Along app features:-

  • The most important advantage of the app is that Diya uses Google’s text-to-text and speech recognition technology. To detect if a student is struggling or successfully reading the passage.
  • The reading Buddy Diya is just like a parent or teacher who give kids positive and amazing feedback along the way.
  • Pronouncing a sentence or a word, children can easily tap on Diya at any time for help.
  • Google has informed that Read Along app will help young and little minds engaged with a collection of diverse and interesting stories around the world.
  • The games are also sprinkled in those stories. Kids can also collect stars and badges as they learn. This keeps motivating them to keep playing and reading.
  • The Read Along app will also personalize the experience by recommending the right difficulty level of stories. Also, the games based on their reading level performance.
  • This app has got some role for parents as well. Here parents can create profiles for multiple readers. These readers can tap on their photos to learn at their own pace and to track their individual progress.
  • Another plus point in this app is that the Read Along app has no ads or in-app purchases, confirmed by Google.
  • Here parents need not worry about the much usage of the internet, after the initial download of the app and stories Read Along can work offline without Wi-Fi or data.
  • But yes, parents can connect to Wi-Fi periodically to download additional stories.
  • Moreover, this app is quite easy to start and doesn’t require any sign-in.
  • The voice data is analyzed in real-time on the device so that it works offline and is not sent to any Google servers.

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