Google redesigned the Google Meet app for Android and iOS

Google redesigned its Google Meet app on both Android as well as iOS. With this latest update, the Google Meet app has been designed in order to offer the user the same experience as it provides in the Gmail app. This new update is appearing first on iOS and it will soon be available on Android too.

Features provided in this app:-

It was redesigned to provide a similar interface which can be seen on Google Meet which was available on the Gmail app. This app now comes with two options where the user can opt for a new meeting or join a meeting. When you select the new meeting option, you will be given three additional options. Which include Get a meeting link to share, start an instant meeting, and schedule in Google Calendar.

Google redesigned the Google Meet app for Android and iOS
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And if you want to join a meeting, simply click on join a meeting option. Then this new interface will also display you with all the scheduled meetings which you have scheduled on the home screen. Your profile picture can be seen on the top-left corner of the app. You can simply tap on that in order to switch to a different Google account if you wish to do so.

This redesigned Google Meet app is now available for both G Suite and personal Google users as well. Previously, Google introduced a Meet shortcut on the Gmail app. With the help of this shortcut, Gmail users were able to easily join a meeting or even start a meeting. This same experience is now made available for you on this new app. Google brought this shortcut on the Gmail app for Android and iOS. As well and we can see that at the bottom bar of the app had Meet on right side and mail on the left side.

So, this redesigned Google Meet app will certainly provide you with outstanding user experience. Similar to that we have seen previously. However, this app is available on iOS devices. This will be made certainly available to the Android devices as soon as possible.

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