Google Pixel 4 Review: Pros and Cons everything you need to know

The time around when Google launches its pixel series phone, so this year Google has launched Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL. So, today we will be reviewing Google Pixel 4. We will look into the specs of Google Pixel 4, how it works, what are its features, what is new and what has Google bought new to its customers.

Starting with the Looks:

  • Google Pixel 4 looks pretty decent.
  • It’s a low key. It is really clean and smooth, with no markings at the back just the logo of Google ‘G’ at the bottom.
  • It has a matte black aluminum rails as a part of a design on its back.
  • The speaker slots at the bottom line up with USB C port.
  • It has a colored power button.
  • The matte finish of the phone doesn’t allow the fingerprint to stay and prevent scratch marks.
  • The Google Pixel 4 is ip68 water-resistant.
  • It still has squeeze sensitivity for Google assistant.
  • It has stereo speakers which are not front-facing.
  • The camera is raised a bit on the back. It comes with a dual-camera and a flash.
Google Pixel 4 Review: Pros and Cons everything you need to know

YouTube marques Brownlee considers Google pixel 4 has a worst front face. It has a small chin and a big forehead. Google Pixel 4 claims to have the fastest face unlock on any phone. It does not have a fingerprint sensor which means that the face unlock is only the option to unlock your phone with biometrics. It has a radar sensor in the forehead along with the selfie camera with an infrared sensor. The radar sensors are so that it creates a bubble to see when things enter/exit the bubble.

Whenever anything enters, it starts the infrared and front camera sensors early so by the time you hold it in your hands showing your face and you unlock it quickly. Sometimes it unlocks even when you don’t pay attention to it, even if your eyes are closed it detects your face and unlock your phone. But the sensors can distinguish between face and picture so it doesn’t unlock your pictures. Waving is an added gesture to the phone. You can just wave to snooze an alarm or dismiss a timer. You could even wave to skip the songs, hear the next song through waving at your phone. It can save you time. It also comes with a tutorial showing the waving feature in the settings.


It has a high resolution and high refresh rate that is 90 Hz. The daytime visibility of the phone is weak. Google Pixel 4 also has an option to change the refresh rate that is it can change the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 90 Hz. There is another setting called the smooth display which will get the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 90 Hz. You also have another option in developer options that is force 90 Hz. It keeps the display 90Hz always, making it more smooth. The drawback of force 90 hertz is that it obliterates battery life. It also has ambient EQ for auto-adjusting color temperature depending upon the environment around you.


Google Pixel 4 XL has a 3700 MAH battery, where does pixel 4 has 2800 MAH battery which makes the battery life ok.


There are double rear cameras that are 12MP+16MP. With 16MP camera is a 2xtelephoto camera. The camera is similar to the Google Pixel 3 camera. The added features in the camera application is new sliders for exposure and shadow adjustment. You can’t click wide portrait photos only the main camera is used to click the portrait photos. The night mode photos are more noisy.

Google Pixel 4 Review: Pros and Cons everything you need to know

Another feature added in Google pixel 4 is Text-to-Speech is made offline that is what you talk can be run offline. Google Pixel 4 also has a new sound recorder which will that transcribe what you say will record your audio as well as it will transcribe what all you speak so that it will make it easy to search something over the internet. At last, what we can conclude, is Google Pixel 4 is a decent looking phone. What all can be improved in Google pixel for it needs more battery, it needs more storage. Hoping Google improvises the device with future updates.

What do you think of the Google Pixel 4 let us know in the comment section below.

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