Google Meet Now free for all: Here is Everything you need to know

With Zoom being in news for some controversial remarks. Some institutions were in dilemma about whether to use it or go for some other meetings apps. Google’s own meeting app which was previously known as Google Hangouts which was a premium video conferencing application was used by the privileged is now free for all. Google Meet can now be used by groups, businesses organizations, schools, Institutions, and higher-ed colleges. During the time of this Pandemic Individuals can also now host a Google Meet call. Where people can join the call for the purpose of Yoga classes, Dance classes, cooking classes, etc..

How to get started?

Anyone be it individuals, schools, Higher ed institutions can sign up for G-Suite and then the Google Meet can be enabled from the G Suite.

Google Meet Now free for all: Here is Everything you need to know
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The update is currently being rolled out with free users to take advantage of this privileged app over the coming days in May Some users who signed by now aren’t able to host a meet call for free because the update is rolling out and can take some time to reach every part of world Users can sign up at to get notified as soon as the free call hosting service is

Will you be switching from various other video conferencing apps to the Google Meet. Let us know in the Comments below.

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