Google Camera Go for Android Go phones now available

Android Go is a program by Google where Google tones down its apps to be able to run smoothly and offer similar functionality to the basic entry-level smartphones. Now Google has launched the best things from Google Pixel devices ie,. Google camera and made a Go version of it and here’s everything you want to know about it.

The Camera Go brings features like Portrait mode to entry-level smartphones, which has limited specifications. Android Go was launched around two years ago as a toned-down version of Android. Which does not consume many resources and could run on minimum hardware.

Google Camera Go for Android Go phones now available
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This Camera Go app has been launched along with HMD Global’s new Nokia 1.3 smartphone. It will be the first smartphone that will ship with the app. And sooner than later the Camera Go app will be available for all the Android Go smartphones. Google has made the Camera Go app after receiving feedback from the Android Go smartphone users. That the Camera experience was not that good and listening to this call Google made Camera Go.

The UI of the app is almost similar to the camera app found on the premium flagship Pixel series of smartphones from Google. The app features portrait mode which is the most loved feature from users the app also comes with still Photo, Videography and Translate modes, all of which are present and accounted for in the stock Google Camera app for Pixel devices.

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