Google adds Virtual backgrounds to Google Meet for education

Today in this pandemic situation, education is all going through online classes. Meanwhile, Google has revealed some of the features it is planning to roll out for education this year. We can say that google’s feature of virtual backgrounds in Google Meet. Will give education users the ability to blur or change their backgrounds with presets or uploaded images.

This one, you can do it using chrome extension. But Google’s feature of virtual backgrounds in Google Meet which is a baked-in offering makes sense. As it is one of the Zoom’s popular features. The tech giant also plans to give a G suite for education and enterprise for Education users.

These moderate features also include the ability to end meeting for all participants. To ensure that no student lingers after a class is done. Google’s this feature of virtual backgrounds in Google Meet, apart from this. Google also plans to roll out an option that makes sure meetings can’t begin until a moderator arrives. The other options are like Moderator will be able to mute all participants at the same time. Disable an in-meeting chat for participants and also restrict who can be present.

Google adds Virtual backgrounds to Google Meet for education
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Apart from the virtual background from Google and moderate features. Google will also roll out the larger tiled view that can display up to 49 participants at once. With the raising buttons and an integrated collaborative whiteboard education meetings can be conducted. Also, it will be having access to closed captions in additional languages.

There are also features that would help educators to be a little bit of Strict regarding education. After a moderator rejects the users twice, the users who are not allowed to attend the meeting. They won’t be able to “knock” again, and meet will no longer show “knocks” from someone. So that meetings are more secure Google is going to block anonymous attendees from joining any education meetings by default. Even though schools will be able to allow anonymous participants to join classes, but it will be completely opt-in. Keeping in mind the mentioned features available to all education customers. Google has also planned to release a few premium features for Enterprise users as well. This includes a student attendance tracker and breakout rooms so that educators can split classes into smaller groups.

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