Facebook to provide interactive live events with Venue

Here is the new app which is launched by Facebook to provide interactive live events. Facebook is rolling out this new app called ‘Venue’. This will provide an interactive second-screen experience for live events. From the past few days, Facebook has been coming up with few apps. These apps were focused on collaborative music video creations and voice-only group calling.

The Venue app by Facebook is available for both iOS and Android users. With this app, viewers will have an additional screen where they will see curated content from experts. Facebook’s ‘Venue’ app has been developed by Facebook’s New Production Experimentation(NPE) team. This is the third app they are developing and launching this week.

Facebook to provide interactive live events with Venue
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On May 31, Facebook has first tested Venue with NASCAR’s Food city presenting the supermarket Heroes 500 race. The Venue app by Facebook will also help users with a unique and exciting way to connect with fellow race fans from around the globe. They can do this in their homes which is comfortable and safe. The venue will focus on live stream of sports events NASCAR which is the first sports partner for Facebook’s new Venue platform.

According to Facebook, the Venue app has been developed and designed in a way that fans can simultaneously focus on live events as well as on their phones. For each race, expert commentators and well-known personalities such as journalists, current or former athletes can host the race. This app would prove to be a very interesting app, and we will come to know when we use it.

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