Facebook Launches a New Shared Space App for Couples, Tuned

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation(NPE) Team has created a new application called Tuned. This app is now currently only available in the US and Canada. I think you are very excited to know more about this app, as this app all related to the couples. On Tuesday Facebook has launched this new app for couples called “Tuned”. This app allows the love birds to chat, share photos, music and have a timeline of shared memories between them. According to the data from industry site Sensor tower, the Tuned app is currently available only on the Apple’s App Store in the United States and Canada.

During these quarantine days, couples might not be able to meet in person. So here Facebook has come up with an app called Tuned which keeps the couples connected. Tuned is currently ranked No 872 in the US and No 550 in Canada in the social networking category. Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) the creator of the app says that this app is a private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves.


With the Tuned app, you can be mushy, quirky and silly as you are together in person, even when you are apart. Thorugh this app the you love birds can creatively express their love, share your mood. Exchange music and build a digital scrapbook of your moments. Basically, the NPE team was created last year so that they focus on launching consumer-focused experimental apps. The previous records of the team are like, in February the team launched a photo and video sharing app, “Hobbi”.

Facebook Launches a New Shared Space App for Couples, Tuned
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The NPE team’s focus is mainly on shipping entirely new experiences. On the Facebook page the team says, “NPE team apps will be aligned with facebook’s mission of giving people the power to build community community. They have decided to use the separate brand name so that it can help set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE team apps will change very rapidly. And will shut down if we learn that they are not useful for people.

Here the NPE team also elaborates further on the reason for its creation. They say that often starting small is the best way to make the biggest discoveries. This is the reason they have started NPE which is a team focused on building new products and experience. They also mention that the apps they create will start small and may not resonate with everyone.

Generally, this app doesn’t seem much different than any other social network. Their people can chat directly with one another. On any messaging apps you might send each other memos or voice notes with photographs. But having a space solely app dedicated to daily relationship maintenance could be helpful.

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