Disney+ launched officially in the UK and European countries

Disney’s new streaming service is going to launch in the UK and European countries. Disney has also pledged to reduce the streaming speed of content. This is offered through Disney+ which launched on March 24. The Disney+ would be 25% in line with Netflix, Amazin’s Prime Video and Google’s YouTube. Youtube has already agreed deals to reduce pressure on European broadband networks.

The premium streaming service is accessible via a web browser on Amazon Fire devices, Roku streaming devices and many more. They are also accessible on Apple TV, iOS devices, Android Google chromecast, Xbox One, PS4 and also on smart TVs. The subscription in the UK and across Europe is $5.99/$6.99 per month or $59.99/$69.99 for an annual subscription.

Disney+ launched officially in the UK and European countries
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As there is an anticipated high load on the continent’s broadband infrastructure. This is because of the surge in remote working. Although it not that clear of how long Disney intends to limit video quality. Disney also plans to implement similar measures for 30 days.

Over 500 feature films and 7500 shows are available on the service including new original content. These contents may be “The Mandalorian” and “ The World According to Jeff Goldblum”. They also include timeless classics like “Lady and the Tramp”, “Star Wars” and the entire Pixar library.

In France, the launch of Disney+ has been delayed by two weeks o request of the French government. And this is going to launch in France on April 7.Disney+ is also available in the Netherlands since September. This was launched in the Netherlands as a pilot trial. There will be some differences in the European offering because of licensing issues.

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