Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone- A Cybertruck Inspired

All of us may have come across the cybertruck on one way or the other, be it social media sites, memes, news articles, etc. The important thing why it made headlines was because of the mean angles, it didn’t have any curves. In short, it looked quite unconventional! After a very few days, the news saying about the cybertruck inspired smartphone will be released. So, we’ll be looking into that phone. The phone is named as Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Cyberphone. There is an interesting story behind this name. This article contains the information on the specifications and the reason behind its name. Read to know more!

The reason behind naming it Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone is that it resembles iPhone 11. It’s more like the iPhone is built into the case and the body resembles the cybertruck. It does not have curves at all, very angular, straight up the rectangle, and thus, very industrial looking. It turns the regular-sized iPhone to a really wide heavy brick. And it could be better as a self-defense projectile! The Cyber Truck used cold-rolled stainless steel on the outside. This gave it a very distinctive look. And so does that cyber phone. It uses bare metal that is titanium. The review is based on the product that has an aluminium body, but the company says it’ll send models based on titanium only. The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone as said earlier is iPhone inside a curveless metal with some clicky button cutouts and grooves on the side.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone- A Cybertruck Inspired
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Caviar iphone 11 Pro Cyberphone Price:-

The cost of the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone is around $7000. No one in their right mind could buy a product that looks similar to the iPhone and costs more than it. But again, there may be many factors to justify the price. We all know Apple’s charging 700$ for wheels on MacBook Pro. Maybe the logo at the back “Caviar” is what they charge for. They’re also the ones that made that hundred thousand dollar gold iPhone last year. You can imagine if Incipio or OtterBox or somebody tried to sell a metal case for the iPhone like this, how much could they get away with selling a case like this for $1.99 or 249 the most. But, Caviar is doing their thing going way over the top with the fancy packaging and the whole bunch of separately packaged accessories.

In the box:-

There is a ton of paperwork including a certificate of authenticity and a bunch of advertising for their other products. Here, you see a six-month-old iPhone wrapped in a metal case for seven thousand dollars. Caviar and its customers potentially see another tech-themed accessory collectible that happens to be writing the press wave of the actual cyber truck. When trying to use it the more you realize this case actually makes the iPhone experience worse. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who buy nice cars and put them in a garage and maybe those same people buy this phone and never use it.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone Drawbacks:-

There is a sharp metal lip at the bottom of the phone where one is supposed to swipe up for all the gestures. And you’ll slide over it every time you unlock. The Lightning port at the bottom is now recessed far in because of the thickness of the case. Implying every time you try to use any higher quality lightning cable, other than the cheap one that comes in doesn’t work. Again because it doesn’t actually reach the Lightning port. So, the option of wireless charging is also not available due to the thick metal case. There’s also a huge hole on the side to insert the SIM card ejector tray.

They included a fancy tool that is metal with both a pin and a hook on it. That’s because to fish the SIM card tray out of this case you need both to eject it and then use that hook to fish it out. Thinking it’s good, but the hole looks terrible.


The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone is not any less as CyberTruck. Both fail the durability test. Dropping the phone made the glass at the back crack. The promos also showed a cover in front of the screen, which is not there.


Caviar has in store a few variants of the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone, Cyberphone light for $7680 with a fancy ergonomic plate. $20000 will fetch you a CyberPhone billionaire Edition, where the body is made of silver with gold accents. Now, here you need to use this device very carefully because silver is very soft.

So, basically, Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone is similar in features with the iPhone with a metal case over it.

What do you think about this phone? Will you buy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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