Best of CES 2020: Everything you need to know

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show-This is an annual trade show produced by Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Here all the companies, manufacturers, developers, suppliers, etc showcase their products. The CES 2020 conference was held between 7th Jan to 10th Jan in Las Vegas, United States in the headquarters. This year that is, in 2020 there were many products on the display. Let us have a look at a few of the products from the show.

Best of CES 2020: Everything you need to know
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Galaxy Chromebook:-

Galaxy Chromebook from Samsung was regarded as the best Chromebook in the market. It resembles the pixel book which came a few years ago. Pixelbook was considered as top-notch and world-class. Galaxy Chromebook will be available q1 2020 for 1000$ that is approximately 72000 INR.


It has a 13.3 inch 4K AMOLED display. The laptop also has features like a fingerprint sensor, a touch screen, and a backlit keyboard. It has a 10th generation Intel processor and 16 GB RAM with one TB of SSD. It will also have the feature of Wi-Fi 6. Galaxy Chromebook is a 2 in 1 laptop, that is it can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. Implying, it will have a 360-degree rotation keyboard.

The unique or the specialty of the Galaxy Chromebook is that it has one camera on the top of the display and other above the keyboard. The CES 2020 also saw various applications of Alexa, that is how Alexa can be used in daily life. IoT is gaining popularity these days. It has become a subject is interest to everyone. We can see home automation using IoT. home Automation is further improvised using Alexa, let us have a look at a handful of products.

Best of CES 2020: Everything you need to know
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Alexa in vehicles:-

Lamborghini announced a partnership with Alexa. As we all know Alexa does things for us using our voice as a command. So when this Alexa will be embedded in Lamborghini we can control things about the car like we can make calls, navigate or text someone. What all things can be handled by Alexa is yet to be revealed but this basic thing is surely done by Alexa. iRobot automatic lawnmower.

This machine will do the lawn for you. This machine can be monitored through a voice via Alexa. Looking into the functionality of iRobot, it does all the lawn work for you based on your voice command. It is designed to reduce the human load.

Alexa in home appliances:-

IoT has extended its hand to household appliances as well with the Samsung Smart fridge. We have been seeing many iterations of refrigerators day-by-day. Samsung is back with another smart fridge-Samsung Smart fridge. A fridge that will have a touch screen with Amazon dash button which could be used to reorder something that you need. Samsung Smart fridge can come up with the week’s plan and a shopping list and tell you what is missing. So, basically the Samsung Smart fridge double looks after your health as well with the touch of technology.

Alexa for you:-

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch of wearables by Amazon. As we all know about the Amazon Echo loop and Amazon Echo frame. Let us brief their features. The Echo loop can be worn on the finger like a ring and the Echo frame can be used as spectacles or glasses. We could ask anything by speaking into the ring and we will get a response and that response can be heard when we hold it closer to ears. Same goes with Echo frames, frames as mentioned earlier are glasses or spectacles your audio will be directly heard by the ears. It scans everything you see and will send the details directly into your ears making it very private and secret of what we are seeing. The ring and the frames look normal, this bringing up no suspension about you.


Oneplus is back with another phone in the event of CES 2020. It brings very new technology in the field of smartphones. Oneplus is gaining popularity these days with its fabulous features. Oneplus is back with a smartphone, not a normal smartphone but a smartphone with magical powers. That is it has disappearing rear camera yes you read it right your rear cameras are literally not visible to anyone unless they are being used. What makes it so unique and what is the magic behind this, is that the rear cameras are covered with electric chronic glass that hides the rear camera. Whenever the camera is on the shutter automatically opens and makes the rear camera visible.

Best of CES 2020: Everything you need to know
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CES 2020 also saw different foldable phones, One among them was phone by TCL. TCL showed 3 foldable phones; TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L and TCL 5G. It is said that all three phones will be available under $500 which is 36k approximately. The TCL 10L will be the lite mode of TCL 10 Pro. Since the name TCL 10 5G the phone will be available with the 5G technology. All the 3 phones will be coming with Snapdragon 700.


Along with refrigerators Samsung also came with televisions with new technology. Samsung introduced rotating television. This television can be rotated from landscape to portrait, according to our convenience. We could watch television in both ways. There is a disadvantage of this television that it is not mounted on the wall. So we have to keep the television on the floor, which will be hard to monitor especially with small children as a small push can destroy your television. let’s see what other developers will be done by Samsung with this television and will this be bought in the market this year.

Odyssey g9 Gaming Laptop:-

Odyssey came up with a gaming laptop that is 49 inches in size and has a 1440 display. The special part of this gaming laptop is that it is curved which gives the feeling of 3D. And this curve display can give a great effect on gaming. There are no monitors with a curved display whereas there are televisions, so this curved monitors would be a great invention.


Samsung also introduced a robotic pet. But the exclusive part of this pet is that it’s not a dog or a cat or any normal “pet” animal. It’s a ball. A ball that will come rolling to you on your command. Again, this ball will be controlled by your voice and it can do all the activities for you. Samsung has also mentioned that this ball is just a sample and they are not sure whether they will release it in the market or not.

All and all the CES 2020 event had a good deal of useful products. Let us know the comment section below which product did you like and which product you are waiting for. You can even write down your thoughts on new products.

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