Best MIUI Settings you should change Right Now

MIUI is one of the most popular android platforms, especially in India. MIUI is packed with awesome features and also some hidden settings. So, today we are going to show you how to turn them ON.

MIUI settings bring out 7 major settings:-

Enable app drawer:-

Most of the Redmi UI phones come with a regular MIUI launcher which rarely has an app drawer. MIUI settings bring you an alpha build that helps you to enable an app launcher. You just have to install the build on your phone.

Best MIUI Settings you should change Right Now
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  • After installation, you can find a new home screen option on your home page. Then you can see that features are set in enable app drawer. You can turn it on which will definitely not give a good screen reference as the poco launchers but helps you to have a well-maintained home screen.
  • There is also a new feature brought by MIUI in the new home screen settings which is blur app preview. It basically blurs out the app in the multitasking page which helps you to keep your privacy with you.

Disable explicit ads in browser:-

The users of MIUI are facing a huge problem as they were really weird advertisements which were increasing rapidly. Well, now the issue is solved as the MIUI settings allow you to turn it off. The only steps you have to follow is:-

Go to the browser settings where you can see the option called a content feed. You just have to turn it off that’s it and all the recommendation contents will be out of your screen.

Enable MIUI 11 font:-

The MIUI 11 had a brand new font which was not available in India and as only present in Chinese MIUI 11. Well, the good news for the users is that the new font is available in the theme store. The only thing you have to do is go to the theme store of the device and search FOR MILAN PRO( which is basically the name of the font). Apply the font which may require a reboot but after modifications, the font will be enabled in the device which makes MIUI 11 look modern.

Disable notification shade on lock screen:

The only privacy interruption when your phone gets stole is that anyone accesses the notification center even when the phone is locked. But the MIUI settings have an option where you can fix it. You just have to go to the settings, get to the notifications and tap on the first option present. You can see the option open notification shade on the lock screen. The user just has to turn it off all that will be the best as it is an important option MIUI settings have offered.

Emergency SOS:-

It is a very useful setting which helps you in emergency situations. It basically lets you send an SOS text message with your location and call history to your chosen by just rapidly pressing the power button. You can find this option in settings. Password and security-turn it on after which it will ask you at least one emergency contact. Once you have added the contact it gets enabled.

The set countdown for DND and silent:

It is the ability to countdown the DND and silent You can enable it with simple steps. In the volume panel press the three-dot button which lets you control the volume like a ringer, alarm with an option that does not disturb mode. Now if you turn on DND or silent button from the panel you will get a countdown button which lets you put the phone at silent for a particular time. After the time on which the countdown was set runs out the phone comes back to normal.

Fingerprint shortcuts:-

This feature basically allows you to perform some shortcuts in the fingerprint scanner. It has some other features other than unlocking the phone. You can enable it by going to settings – passwords and security – and then tap on the fingerprint lock where you can see the shortcut options. You just have to turn it on and choose the press and hold option or the quick swipe option.

Other MIUI Settings:-

There are a number of various MIUI settings apart from these. The first one is in the phone call settings – incoming call settings which have an option of quite a ring which will turn the phone silent when you pick the phone. The other setting is that you can set to pick the call automatically when the phone is connected to the Bluetooth.

Best MIUI Settings you should change Right Now
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The other one is in the notes tab go to the settings- task toolbox feature- enable the options present which will enable a task page from any page or volume. Lastly, you can download the MIUI hidden settings app which enables some hidden settings which can help you to make your phone handier.

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