BenQ EX 2780Q Monitor: Review, Specifications and more

The BenQ EX 2780Q is primarily a gaming monitor, but because of its features. It can also be used for other things like video editing, content creation, and general entertainment. Keep reading for an in-depth review of the BenQ EX 2780Q monitor.

For an ardent gamer, the best monitor must have high resolution, Higher refresh rate, better colors, large screen size and so on.

The BenQ EX 2780Q aims to deliver all of that for about the right value. The BenQ EX 2780Q will set you back $599. For that price, you will get an all-rounder monitor that will do just about anything you wanna do.

BenQ EX 2780Q Monitor: Review, Specifications and more
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The BenQ EX 2780Q is a really professional and gentle looking monitor. Considering the fact that it is branded as a gaming monitor. That being said, it has thin bezels on the top and on the sides but a large bottom bezel. It’s because the BenQ EX 2780Q has inbuilt speakers which we’ll talk about in the performance section. It has a 1440p IPS panel with HDRi (I standing for intelligence) as it’s BenQ’s technology for supposedly improved HDR. It is 27 inches and comes with a metal rectangular stand. Note that you can’t raise the monitor with the default stand. You’ll have to buy another one or an arm stand depending on your preferences. The metallic finish and ornamental aesthetics really make it a unique monitor in the gaming market.


The BenQ EX 2780Q monitor as mentioned is first and foremost a gaming monitor. The monitor has a 1440p 10-bit IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate. Something that has become a basic necessity for gamers. The screen size is 27 inches and 109ppi pixel density. Also included in the package is HDRi. It’s an HDR rendering technology developed by BenQ to improve HDR content by using hardware and software both. This delivers a unique and great HDR experience, colors are rich, high contrast makes viewing content pleasant. With AMD FreeSync enabled you can get excellent frame rates and with 5ms response time. It is one amazing monitor to game on. When you think about built-in speakers in monitors, everyone’s opinion is that they are not good enough.

While this is true in most cases, the BenQ EX 2780Q will blow you away. It has 2 speakers and a 5-watt sub. Meaning it gives excellent audio output. So if you don’t wanna see your desk cluttered with external speakers but still want to get quality audio, then fret not. The BenQ EX 2780Qs speakers deliver exceptional performance. But don’t use it to power your party music though. There is also a roller on the bottom left corner of the monitor which you can use to quickly change volume, a welcome addition for gamers who don’t want to mash keyboard shortcuts or use the volume controls on the headphone or speakers.

You also get a remote control to changes settings for the monitor without having to find the dedicated buttons. Not many companies include this and it’s a nice addition. The remote control is Intuitive and user-friendly. Behind the monitor, you have 4 ports, two HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 Display Port and one Type-C port.


The BenQ EX 2780Q is a powerful monitor. It is, of course, a gaming monitor, games loom absolutely gorgeous. The 144Hz refresh rate means you can pretty much play graphically heavy games and still look amazing. FreeSync makes this monitor that much better. Low input lag is a preference for hardcore gamers and the BenQ EX 2780Q does have just that. Input lag tests like HDFury 4k give it a score of 1.5 ms which ks excellent. Colors on this monitor are excellent and accurate. Modern games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Division 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Rocket league, PUBG look stunning and playing them on this monitor is really good. The rich colors and HDR make gaming even better, little details like reflections, lighting, textures, etc look beautiful.

BenQ EX 2780Q Monitor: Review, Specifications and more
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However at the darker end of the spectrum, it doesn’t perform so well, blacks and grays are a bit dull but not totally shabby. The presence of different HDR modes allow you to choose the best viewing expensive as per your preferences. The monitor also consciously changes the HDR and color modes according to what’s on the monitor. However, this is hit or miss and not really helpful. Content viewing and entertainment is also decent on the BenQ EX 2780Q.

The 1440p display and HDR-enabled make content on it look amazing, although do note that this isn’t THE best HDR display in the world, there are much better ones out there, but for the $500 to $600 range, it is enough, only geeks and content creators who need their content to be as perfect as possible won’t be able to do much with this monitor. As far as gaming is concerned, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. The monitor also comes equipped with a sensor on the front, to adjust brightness based on Ambient light In a room.

Should you buy it?

The answer to this question really depends on what you want to. If just playing games Is your thing, then yes it is a good monitor for the price. The 114Hz refresh rate has become a gold standard for gamers, but for eSports games, that number is beyond that. So if you wanna play competitive games and need every edge you can get then there are other options. The response time on this monitor is really high, for casual gamers this shouldn’t be a problem. The design is really cool, simple and professional. It breaks away from the conventional “gamer” Design the most gaming monitors employ. The good display with accurate colors and HDR makes general-purpose media consumption a nice experience. So yes we definitely recommend buying this monitor, if you’re a  casual gamer and want to enjoy high frame rates.

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