Apple’s iOS 13.5 Beta: Everything you need to know

Apple has released the developer beta version of the upcoming iOS 13.5(iOS 13.5 Beta). Which reveals a host of helpful features to tackle the crisis. Unfortunately, this beta version is not available to the public and is available only for top developers. To have a look at the new features and make an adjustment and optimize their app. As it is a beta version the features it has might or might not end up in the final version for the public user. In April, Google and Apple announced that they would work together to turn your phone into a contact-tracing device to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

Apple's iOS 13.5 Beta: Everything you need to know
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It uses Bluetooth to scan for nearby devices. That is nearby the user’s locality for a set duration. This service will work in synchronization then alerting the user if they’ve been close to anyone COVID-19 patient. Face ID which falls to recognize while the user is wearing a mask but after this update. The update will alter this process so that the number pad appears along with Face ID recognition, immediately after swiping to unlock the device.

No details have been revealed on how long we have to wait till iOS 13.5 will be available to the public, but we can assume these features will be rolled out soon due to the current situation.

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