Apple Watch Series 6 Review and more

Apple has launched its latest Apple Watch Series 6 recently with watchOS 7 and coming to the review of its features. It shows faster performance, longer battery life, and quicker charging and brighter than the previous models. Also features the new handwashing timer feature.

Design and display review of Apple Watch Series 6:-

Now when we talk about the review of the design and display of this Apple Watch Series 6. The design is almost similar to Series 5, however, this latest smartwatch came with two extra color choices. Those are Blue and Product RED. And coming to display, this provides 500 nits which are 2.5 times brighter than the previous one which only gives 200 nits.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review and more
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However, at the backside, the sensor array has been rearranged to place the blood oxygen sensor. Which measures the oxygen saturation(SpO2). SpO2 tracks how well your lungs are delivering oxygenated blood throughout the body. You can manually obtain a reading using the dedicated app on the phone which takes about 15 seconds. Interestingly watch also takes the periodic measurements in the background. You can see the recent reading in the watch itself in the app. But for the historical reading, you need to go to the iOS app on your phone and see the graphs which are easy to read. However, the company says that altitude, the watch’s position on the wrist, skin temperature, and skin perfusion (local blood pressure) can potentially affect the SpO2 reading.

Performance review of Apple Watch Series 6:-

This watch comes with an S6 chip, whose dual-core processor is similar to the A13 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 11. The company claims that it is 20 percent faster than last year’s S5. Hence it is undoubtedly speedier and not only just for app launches but also for swiping through watch faces as well. The watch has a U1 chip that supports 5GHz Wi-FI. This chip also brings ultrawideband antennas (UWB) which is an automotive industry standard. That allows you to unlock and lock your car with your watch simply.

Also, GPS is more accurate than the previous one. When we take a look at the watchOS 7, it comes with a new handwashing timer feature. That detects particular hand motions and the sound of running water automatically and starts a countdown of 20 seconds instantly. The most interesting factor that impressed me a lot is this watch is clever to pause the timer, if you prematurely stop washing your hands. You can enable reminders such that you will get reminders when you have gone several hours not washing your hands. However, sleep tracking is not much useful.

Battery performance:-

Even though it offers 2.5 times more brightness than the previous model, it offers a longer battery life than any other. You can charge this watch from zero to 80 percent in just 60 minutes, and a full charge in 90 minutes which clearly shows a 33 percent (30-minute) improvement over the previous model. However, in a charging test, it has an increase of 51 percent of charge in just 30 minutes.

Configurations and their price review of this Apple Watch Series 6:-

The entry-level watch starts at $399 for an aluminum model with a 40mm case and the larger 44mm version goes from $429 and these are available in colors like gold, silver and Space Gray, blue, and Product RED and the LTE model costs an extra $100.

For the stainless steel edition, this is priced at $699 for the 40mm case and $749 for the 44mm and comes colors like silver, a new gold hue, and Graphite Gray. And the titanium edition, the price starts at $749 and $849 for 40mm and 44mm respectively. For the Hermes edition, which is also made from stainless steel, the price starts at $1,249.

However, since we cannot see many new features if you already have a Series 5. It is not recommended to upgrade to this Apple Watch Series 6 as per our review. But it shows faster performance, longer battery life, and quicker charging.

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