Apple TV 4K users finally received support for YouTube 4K videos

YouTube 4K support has been announced for the Apple TV 4K this year through the tvOS 14 updates. Before this update, the users were provided with a limited video resolution of 1080p even for UHD videos. However, according to reports, in this update, this TV is limiting its resolution to 4K at 30fps instead of 60fps.

Apple TV 4K users finally received support for YouTube 4K videos
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How to watch these 4K videos?

To watch the YouTube 4K videos on your Apple TV 4K, open the YouTube app on your Apple TV and then using the touchpad on your Apple TV remote and now choose the three-dot menu icon. Now, select the option “Quality”. Just like the way you select the video quality on the iPhones or iPads, in a similar fashion, select 2160p. One important thing you to remember is that your Apple TV 4K needs to have the latest tvOS 14 updates to watch the 4K videos. So, if you didn’t update the Apple TV 4K to the latest tvOS 14 yet, then update it to avail these excellent 4K videos.

Similarly to play these 4K videos on your iPhone, open the YouTube application on your iOS device and click on a video to play and then choose the three-dot menu icon placed on the top right corner on the screen. Now choose the option “Quality”. So if 2160p resolution is available, click on that 2160p resolution option and enjoy the ultimate video quality. Similarly, you just follow the same process to watch these 4K videos on your Apple iPad that is first going to the YouTube app, then select a video, click on the three-dot menu icon, select Quality, and then select 2160p if available. Please note that this 4K support is only available on the official YouTube app but not on the Safari browser.

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