Apple iPad Pro 11 2020: Price, Specifications, and more

Apple’s latest-generation iPad Pros both 11 and 12.9 inches were unveiled yesterday. And the iPad Pro 11 ran an AnTuTu benchmark test and here’s everything you need to know. It reveals that both of the iPad Pro has a new chip the A12Z. You might be thinking that the A12Z chip on the iPad Pro 11 must less powerful when compared to the A13 Bionic on the iPhone 11 but the AnTuTu scores beg to differ.


The iPhone 11’s A13 has two sets of cores, a six-core CPU and a four-core GPU. But The A12X chip found in last year’s iPad Pros, had an eight-core CPU and seven-core GPU. This year’s iPad Pros’ A12Z chip has an eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU. Just by looking at the raw cores we can say that A12Z is more powerful than A12X on last-gen iPad Pro. Which is, in turn, powerful than the A13 Bionic found on the iPhone 11.

Apple iPad Pro 11 2020: Price, Specifications, and more
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iPad Pro 11 2020 ran the AnTuTu test. The iPad which was tested has 6GB of RAM. While last-gen iPads had 4GB ram so there’s an increase of 2 gigabytes which is a hell of an upgrade. The new iPad comes with the unreleased iOS 13.4 and has 128GB of storage. The results from AnTuTu were almost the same when compared to the last generation of iPads. But there was an increase in GPU performance by 9%. This 9% looks a small number but the iPad from last year was already pretty good with graphic oriented tasks so expect them to be much better this time.

The overall score which came was about 700,000 which is the best score ever on AnTuTu. This score when compared to the android, on the other hand, the rival Snapdragon 865 the result came out to be 100,000 more comparing benchmark across two different operating systems is not an ideal thing but that’s what it is.

So this was our first impression on the iPad Pro 11 2020 based on shear AnTuTu benchmark would you want us to cover iPad Pro 11 2020 more let us know in the comments.

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