Apple disallows Facebook gaming here’s why

Recently Facebook had launched its gaming which is a part of the Facebook and Android app. And this time again Apple has rejected the Facebook Gaming app on the iOS app store. This is the fifth time Apple has rejected the Facebook Gaming app according to the New York Times.

But it’s not surprising for Facebook regarding this rejection by Apple. Facebook has been trying to launch the Facebook Gaming app on the Apple store since February and is not successful yet. According to the reports, it says “games are far the most lucrative category of mobile apps worldwide. Apple’s App Store is the only official approved place for iPhone and iPad users. To find new games and other programs. It has generated about $15 billion in revenue as last year.”

Apple disallows Facebook gaming here’s why
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Each week over 175 countries and regions are being visited by half a billion people on the App store. Apple also claims that the App Store rules do not allow third-party apps to distribute games as a separate platform. Apple Arcade is also offering users, unlimited access to the entire catalog of more than 100 exclusive games. All playable across iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Mac, and Apple TV.

Apple also said that Apple Arcade is adding new games and expansions every month from some of the world’s most visionary game developers. The tech giant apparently doesn’t want its own App Store and Apple Arcade business to be affected by allowing Facebook gaming on its App Store.

Twitch and YouTube are among the biggest competitors for the app’s gaming Go Live streaming feature. Facebook already has a massive platform in its own Live offering. Apple has also said it monitors its App Store ecosystem closely to ensure the highest standards of quality and security. The other fact is the Apple has denied Facebook gaming, citing Section 4.7 of its app rules. This states that HTML5 games are allowed “as long as code distribution is not the main purpose of the app.”

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