Android malware Fakesky can use fake messages to spy on you

A Chinese Research group predominantly based in India called the Roaming Mantis is the malware. That can acquire users’ data without their consent. Android malware Fakesky was first discovered in October 2017 where it spread across South Korea and Japan. Which was later diffused but now it’s more potent form is seen to be emerging as malware that targets users across the globe. Specifically in China, Taiwan, France, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Android malware Fakesky can use fake messages to spy on you

The Upgraded malware now works as a postal service app, From the reports revealed the Android malware Fakesky starts as an SMS phishing URL. That leads to an application download URL. Which identifies itself as a genuine postal service app. Once the user downloads it, during the setup it asks for 2 permission. One being the first permission allows it to intercept and trace every message received and download it to its server. The second permission allows it to send personal data including media and personal contacts even when the phone is turned off or locked.

From reports, once it gets these two permissions, it steals confidential information including, device models, OS versions, telecom providers, banking information, IMEI number, and IMSI number. Furthermore, it breeds itself by sending a similar infected message to all the contacts in the user’s phone books. Without the user knowing anything about it.

So it finally comes to the users to be aware and avoid downloading apps apart from Google Play Store. As google firmware doesn’t let any app that is suspicious to download on Playstore.

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