Android 11 Developer Preview 4: Features and Updates

On May 6, Google released Android 11 Developer Preview 4. This was a high time when everyone was expecting the Beta version of Android 11 Beta, but they have pushed it to June 3. So, there will be no Android 11 Beta until June 3. The new update is small that is 252 MB and easy to install. Let us see what all updates are with this preview.

Warning: If you are a Google Pixel 4, 4XL user, download on your own risk. Because Face Unlock will not work. The update will already warn if you are trying to install. Also, if you are a developer or have a secondary device then only install it on your pixel device. This is because they’ll have some issues. Also, this preview makes you seem the screen is rolling when you are using it. So, it may be a bug with the preview. The Build number of Android 11 Developer Preview 4 is RPP4200409.015. It doesn’t have many new features. Let see those few one by one.

Android 11 Developer Preview 4: Features and Updates
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Android 11 Developer Preview 4 Features:-

  • The first thing is related to Pixel themes. On pressing and holding on the home screen we get a menu. Selecting Style and Wallpaper we can scroll down to find different styles. The styles include the custom one and then we also have the icon shape in the Shape section. Instead of the square, we have many other shapes like a hexagon for the icons.
    So you could use different shapes for your icons.
  • The next feature is regarding the notification. Usually, swiping a notification could remove it from the notification menu. But, now even you swipe, the notification could still be there in the menu. On holding a notification, you’ll get the settings to change it. They have
    changed the way it looks. For example, you have choices like alerting and sound and for messaging applications it also has the priority option. You could change the application of whose notification to receive.
  • Android 11 Developer Preview 4 changes the multi-tasking menu or the recent apps. The screen will come with 3 options Select, Screenshot, Share. The select option will select all the text on the screen, which becomes easier if we want to copy and paste something. During this, all the apps will go away, and hitting the X while in select will deselect the text and all the apps will be back in the multitasking window. Another change with this window is that you can’t get the dismissed app. Once you have removed an app from the recent you can’t restore it.
  • There is a change with the Picture-in-picture. You could view your youtube videos if you press the home icon. And dismiss it using the X on the screen. You can resize the video if you click on it.
  • Wifi options have been updated. Pressing hold on Wifi will open the wifi menu. Here we have the disconnect option if you want to disconnect the Wifi. The auto-connect option is also available now. So these options were not available but now they are available.
  • Another addition from Android 11 Developer Preview 4 in the settings is regarding the permissions. Opening the settings menu and selecting apps and notification. Select an app, scrolling down the permission menu will show an option, remove permission if the app isn’t used. It says that your permissions for the app will be removed if you have
    not used the app for a few months. It’s turned on by default you could change it. This is indeed a good move.
  • You also have the tutorials on how to use Android 11 gestures. It’ll help those who find it hard to use the gestures.
  • The last update is regarding the top of your home screen. Users might have faced issues where the time and battery percentage were disoriented. But now it is sorted the time and battery status fits the screen properly.

That’s everything new with the Android 11. What do you think of the Android 11 Developer Preview 4? Are there any more features? What features are you expecting on the beta version of Android 11? Let us know in the comment section below.

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