Android 11 Developer Preview 3: Features and Updates

Now as always Google releases Developer Preview before releasing the Beta version and later the original version. Google has released the Android 11 Developer Preview 3. This article will try to cover all the latest features available in Android 11 Developer Preview 3. Let’s quickly leap into the features.

Android 11 Developer Preview 3: Features and Updates
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Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Features:-

  • The apps we are working on are closed for various reasons. Sometimes it’s the user, sometimes it’s a system crash. Now Android 11 Developer Preview 3 comes with a feature where the user can get the report of recent exits of the application. Thus, the user can analyze the app exit for further use.
  • It is known that the updates are to improve the device be it regarding usage or security. “GWP-ASan as another way to help developers find and fix memory safety issues. GWP-ASan is a sampling allocation tool that detects heap memory errors. With minimal overhead or impact on performance.” is quoted by the developers. So the Preview 3 had
    this feature.
  • We all install apps on our devices. Some are big and some are small. But there are some huge apps with ADBs, and installing the ADBs is very long and tedious. But now installing it is 10x faster. Using this new developer tool is very easy. First, you need to sign your APK with the new APK signature scheme v4 format, and then install your APK with the updated ADB command-line tool in the Android 11 Preview SDK. All the devices receiving Android 11 will have this feature.
  • Another feature seen in Developer Preview 3 is wireless debugging. You could debug over the Wi-Fi connection. This would surely fasten the process. Pairing code can be used for wireless debugging. It is also said the QR Scanner may get added up in the Android 11 upon the feedback on this feature.
  • Several APIs are renamed here. So, you need to go through the list to know more if you use any APIs. It helps to know any unknown access to your private data.

After the feedback from all developers and users is collected. Google may soon release the Android 11 Beta version. It is said that by Quarter 3 of this year stable Android 11 will be released to all devices. Currently, Android 11 Developer Preview 3 is available to download on all Pixel devices. But again before installing remember the Developer Preview 3 may have bugs. So it is not advised to install if you are not a developer or don’t own a secondary device.

What are your views about Android 11 Developer Preview 3? What else needs to be added? How much are you excited about Android 11? Let us know in the comment section below.

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