Android 11 Developer Preview 2 is out for Pixel Devices

Android 11 developer preview 2 is out for all the supported pixel devices. You can find this update currently out on the Google pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4. The Android 11 Developer Preview 2 is also out to all the Pixel XL models from Pixel 2 XL and newer.

Although Google has dropped the second developer preview of Android 11. But there are few notable changes. Here we shall go through these new changes along with some under-the-hood stuff which you might find interesting. Apart from this Google has also revealed the timeline by when it expects Android 11 to be ready for rolling out as a bug-free and stable build.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 is out for Pixel Devices
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The Android version is not the beta version for users to preview and test. So these new features are mostly targeted at helping the developers. Where the developers can prepare their apps for future Android versions.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 features:-

  • When we talk about the features of Android 11 Developer Preview 2, there are few of the new ones.
  • Here they have included the option for developers to test the apps. This will automatically adapt to the angle of fold on a display.
  • This feature would thereby lead to the building of responsive and adaptive mobile applications for foldable phones.
  • Another feature includes a new 5G API. Using which apps that can connect to a compatible phone’s 5G network will show a 5G logo on the notifications bar.
  • Although this feature only serves as a gimmick for brands to squabble over.
  • The other features include tighter privacy control. Here background apps will no longer be able to access your camera and microphone without the user’s volunteer permission.
  • The developer also adds a refresh rate control for apps. This will allow them to work at their preferred display refresh rates in phones with high refresh rate displays.
  • Another nifty feature is the automatic background service resumption for chat and email applications post a restart.
  • Requires eyes to be open with Face unlock on Pixel 4.
  • The new features also include the new notification shade UI where they have got wider spaces between each notification section and plenty of clear sections.
  • This feature is pretty well as it has got a fresh look.
  • You will also be able to get further control over “silent” notifications. In this new option, the settings menu allows you to “Hide silent notifications” from the status bar. This will help in taking up the entire experience.
  • The new screen recorder UI is another amazing feature. The Android 11 Developer Preview 2 has added a new UI that allows you to customize your screen recordings. And it also gives some rudimentary controls including the ability to show on-screen touches.
  • The new notification history shortcut- The developer has got a new shortcut in your notification shade, where you can just swipe down and get right into your entire notification history with just a few button presses.
  • Tag notifications as ‘Important’- The new Android 11 Developer Preview 2 has also stolen a feature from Gmail that allows you to mark notifications as ‘important’.
  • We have also got the extension for this that is if you mark a notification as ‘important’, then future messages from that contact will appear at the top of your notification shade.
  • It also appears as a profile icon within the notification bar at the top of your display for extra prominence.
  • The next attractive feature is the Pixel theming tweaks. Here Google is also giving you even more options with the Pixel themes or styles and wallpapers section in Android 11.
  • The second developer preview has added a new lock screen clock customization setting.
  • When you are selecting a wallpaper within the styles and wallpaper section. You will be getting a whole new UI which includes a swipe-up panel with other wallpaper categories with large thumbnails for each image.
  • Theming options even expand to include lock screen clock for Pixel owners.

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