Android 11 Developer Preview 1: What’s in the box

Android 10 was released on September 3, 2019. It was loved and accepted by many. Android 10 bought some major features with it. Since then, everyone is expecting high from the next Android. Recently, Google released the Android 11 Developer Preview 1 to Pixel Phones. Amazingly, Google has released it even earlier than usual. Yet, that doesn’t stop from having a hands-on experience with it. The Android is yet under development. So, the changes are still a little unreliable. And this unpredictable stuff, tells what to expect from the destiny of Android. Android 11 Developer Preview 1 at Pixel 4XL.

Android 11 Developer Preview 1: What’s in the box
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Don’t try your hands yet on this preview. The Android 11 Developer preview 1 is only available to install on the pixel devices. We mentioned earlier not to try your hands on this preview unless you are a developer. This was because of the glitches. Interested people can download if they want to make your device more interesting but less usable. Let’s have a quick look at the features.

Screen recorder:-

So, let’s check out probably the most noticeable end user-facing feature. This Android release has a built-in screen recorder. Currently, it doesn’t have options like framerate or resolution. The Android 10 had this option on the developer side. But, it is now available in the quick settings menu. So, there’s a high chance of spotting this in the shipped version.


Wondering what is bubbles? Remember the chat heads of Messenger and Facebook? They are known as bubbles. Again this option is available on the developer options of Android 10. But Android 11 has it properly embedded. Long pressing on the bubble will show you options. These options include pop it out, always-on, disable it, etc. The current glitch with this feature is that tapping on the bubble opens up the app. Which might be resolved with the shipped version. The messages are grouped together in the notification panel under conversations so it is easily accessible for you. Making your notification panel neat.

Dark theme:-

Google has finally set to release a proper dark theme across the device in Android 10. What special feature Android 11 brings is that you can schedule it now. You can set when to on and off the dark theme on your device according to our wish. This feature was previously available for focus mode, etc.

Android 11 Developer Preview 1: What’s in the box
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Other features:-

You can also pin apps on the share menu that you use most frequently to share anything. You’ll not have to scroll through so many apps to find your desired app to share. Bluetooth will stay on if you have headphones connected to your device on airplane mode.

Sense Gesture:-

Google comes with another feature to control the play/pause or change the music. Tapping the air above the phone plays/pauses the music.

Location updates in Android 11:-

Android 11 introduces changes to how apps can request background location permission. Here, there appears a prompt that asks for a specific app to use the device’s location. Moreover, if the user denies it for two times, the app does not have access to your location and the prompt doesn’t occur.

Scopped Storage:-

It is less of a new feature and more of a fundamental restructuring of how Android handles its entire file. Each app has isolated storage to access apps. Instead, these apps will have access to a common directory that will give access to the most common permissions. These include music, photos, downloads etc. This feature will be a major leap to protect privacy and security. But the app developers oppose these move since they’ll have to change the whole system.

Moreover, Google came with a new API called as “Storage Acess framework”. The problem with this is that it is slower in both reading and writing files. But, one thing is for sure, this will come on Android 11. There are likely high chances of google changing the API but, it’ll not step back.

Notification History:-

Android 11 may come up with a hidden page menu that’ll consist of all the notification. So, if you have accidentally swiped a notification, no worries the history has it. The media playback option will be available in the quick settings menu rather than it being a new big notification. It’ll be clubbed with the most used options so it gives easier access.

Battery Share:-

Google Pixel 5 may come up with an option to charge other devices like Samsung’s wireless power share. You could double tap on the backside of your pixel phone. Double-tapping can open the app you want to. This could be customized with the app you want to open. The user can split the notification in the quick settings menu. You could make your quick settings menu more interesting and colorful. You could customize the buttons with the colors you want.

This were the currently observed features of Android 11 Developer Preview. What feature are you excited for? What feature you didn’t like? Feel free to comment on your views.

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